The Top 10 Best Two Worlds 2 Mods

The Top 10 Best Two Worlds 2 Mods
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Two Worlds 2

Two Worlds 2 is an open world third-person RPG that is exciting PC gamers worldwide. Developed by Reality Pump, Two Worlds 2 combines exploration, endless questing and exciting combat gameplay in one critically acclaimed package. But there are several problems with Two Worlds 2, including hilariously wonky animations, a clunky interface, and frustrating gamepad controls. Luckily, Two Worlds 2 mods can fix many of these problems, and can make the game a whole lot more enjoyable. That is why the Top 10 Best Two Worlds 2 Mods list was created - to help you mod Two Worlds 2 into one of the best RPGs of 2011.

10. Female Character Mod


While the prototypical RPG hero is a rough, strong, lone wolf fighter of evil, that may not be the case for many Two Worlds 2 fans. Many PC RPG gamers want their character to be a strong and sexy female heroine. For most games, this cannot be done, but not in Two Worlds 2. The Play as Female Character mod is a great mod for gender equality supporters, because it includes fully animated and rendered female armor and realistic proportions of your new heroine. Say goodbye to DD-36 size Amazonian goddesses wielding two-handed axes, the Female Character Mod in Two Worlds 2 actually plays like a realistic, albeit attractive, female warrior would.

9. Potion Animation Activated

One annoying aspect of Two Worlds 2 potions is that your character doesn’t actually drink them. There is no animation that shows your character taking part in a life saving potion, instead they appear to somehow have an IV of potion juice running straight into their veins, rejuvenating them on the go. Seriously though, potions are a lifesaver in Two Worlds 2, but not having a drink animation in an RPG released in 2011 is terrible for immersion. That is why the Potion Animation Activated mod was made. It activates the previously deactivated potion drinking animation, allowing your character to take deep swigs of his favorite health potion mix.

8. Two Worlds 2 Crafting

One gameplay aspect ignored in Two Worlds 2 is item and weapon crafting. Unfortunately, Two Worlds 2 does not have a customizable


items system in place, unlike many other PC RPGs like The Witcher, Oblivion, and Fallout 3. Luckily the Two Worlds 2 modding community has come up with a solution: the Two Worlds 2 crafting mod. This mod allows users to turn old or useless rings and amulets into gold, which can then be used to purchase other items, or to improve currently existing rings and amulets. These creative customizable solutions to Two Worlds 2’s crafting omission earns this mod the 8 spot on the top 10 best Two Worlds 2 mods list.

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7. Smaller Interface Icons

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Two Worlds 2 has an interesting and minimalist user interface…when you are not in combat situations. In combat, the icons on the bottom of the screen can easily get in the way of the actions, disrupting your immersion and sometimes making fights unnecessarily difficult. The Two Worlds 2 mod Smaller Interface Icons fixes this small problem. Basically, this mod reduces the size of all UI icons in Two Worlds 2, immersing the player into a world without obstructive heads-up-displays. Using this mod, players do not accidentally click on the wrong potion or spell, and monsters look much cleaner without any boxes interrupting their midsections. The improvement of battles and immersions is why Smaller Interface Icons is on the top 10 best Two Worlds 2 mods list.

6. No Invisible Barriers

Two Worlds 2, much like its predecessor and many other PC RPGs, has a story to tell. Unfortunately, that story requires players not to skip ahead and explore too much of the world before certain events unfold. Hence, invisible barriers and walls stopping players dead in their tracks when they are simply trying to hop a wooden fence. Immersion-breaking? Yes. Necessary evil? Perhaps not, thanks to the Two Worlds 2 mod No Invisible Barriers. This mod is self-explanatory, eliminating all of the invisible barriers from the game. One added benefit to this mod is that Eikronas, an area full of beautiful scenery, is now open to exploration.


5. Custom Player Character


In Two Worlds 2 players are unfortunately shoehorned into playing as a human male character. While the Female Character mod can change the character’s gender, what about players who want to play as say a high elf or a dark elf? The Custom Player Character mod for Two Worlds 2 is exactly what the modder ordered. This mod allows players to model their character after any race in the game, including several monsters. While undoubtedly cool, this mod also has a slight learning curve to it, as players have to edit the registry values to match their character with the correct racial models. Also, in order to appear not as clunky, players need to edit the expected armor size in the game as well. Luckily all of this information can be found in the mod’s readme.

4. Very Hard Difficulty Mod

Two Worlds 2 is a fantastic RPG with exciting combat and magic and a robust world to explore. Two Worlds 2 also has interesting monsters and enemies to fight around every corner. After a certain level, enemies seem to stop increasing in power relative to you, the player. Basically, Two Worlds 2 is too easy, even for many PC RPG newbies. Thankfully the excellent modding community has rectified this problem by creating the Very Hard Difficult mod. Instead of horrific dragon born monsters and orcs dieing after two hits from a small dagger, you die after two hits from a giant two handed axe. While this may seem daunting, this mod is customizable, allowing players to choose how difficult they want their game to be. Instructions can be found in the readme.


3. Increased Inventory


Just like Diablo, Dungeon Siege and the original Two Worlds, Two Worlds 2 suffers from a severe lack of inventory space. The inventory in the game is split into grids, with each item taking up different amounts of grid spaces based on their size. In theory, this system works fine, forcing players to prioritize bringing that expensive but huge battle axe back to town to sell, or keeping those 5 health potions in case of an emergency monster attack. However, the system actually makes dungeon crawling a bore, forcing players to leave hundreds of magical items behind just to make it to the boss at the end. The Two Worlds 2 mod Increased Inventory changes this entire system by greatly increasing the size of your inventory, allowing players to pick up as much junk as they want. Increased Inventory is an essential Two Worlds 2 mod.

2. They Fight Back

Just like the Very Hard Difficulty mod, the Two Worlds 2 mod They Fight Back rebalances the game world by achieving one simple fix. It stops monsters from being interrupted and stunned by your very fast attacks. Gone are the days of clicking with reckless abandonment. They Fight Back gives Two Worlds 2’s combat a layer of depth, as players cannot cheese difficult encounters anymore. Think wisely before attacking that battle mage, as he may be able to cast more than one damage spell now. They Fight Back is one of the finest mods available for Two Worlds 2, and adds a layer of depth to the combat that was most definitely missing.

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1. Gamepad Controls mod

Two Worlds 2 was released not only for the PC platform, but also for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. While the graphics, gameplay and content of the game seem to be similar, there is one important thing missing from the PC version on Two Worlds 2: proper gamepad controls. Two Worlds 2 is a blast to play using a classic controller, or gamepad, but this is difficult to do on the PC. The Gamepad Controls Mods for Two Worlds 2 fix these atrociously ported control schemes, and makes the game a joy to play with a good old controller. So kick back, relax and enjoy Two Worlds 2 with updated graphics, monster sound and a perfect control scheme, all thanks to the Gamepad Controls Mods. That is why they are the best Two Worlds 2 mods available right now.

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