What LARP Supplies Do I Need?

What LARP Supplies Do I Need?
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LARP Supplies: The Basic Gear

When getting ready for your live action role playing (or LARPing) event, you’re going to have to make sure that you’ve got everything you are going to need to complete your character.

Naturally, you’re going to need a decent set of LARP armor. You can’t play a very convicing battle-seasoned military General if you don’t have the right armor. If your armor isn’t up to snuff, you may lose points. For more information on LARP armor, read this article.

You’re also going to need weapons, and LARP weapons have to meet very strict safety guidelines. Make sure to review the rules with your LARP association.

It’s often said that clothing makes the man… Another item you can get for your character is clothing, for events where armor is not needed. For more information about LARP clothing check out this website.

LARP Supplies: The Other Stuff

Live action role-playing goes far beyond the weapons and armor though. Obviously, each LARP organization is going to have different rules about what’s allowed on the field, so be sure to get anything you’re taking with you approved before hand. Most likely though, if it’s safe, and it completes your image, you’re probably good to go.

These are the things you can get to help reinforce your character’s identity, that truly set your character apart and add depth to his or her persona. After all, you’re playing a whole character, not just a simple fighter. The more dynamic your character is, the more fun you stand to have!

Pendants are a popular item among LARPers. A pendant hangs from a necklace, and can have imprinted on it the symbol of your character’s family or god, or totem animal, or… anything really. It’s an inexpensive item that you can buy for your character, or even a whole group of characters who share a common bond.


If your character is a spell caster of some sort, you can make spell packets to throw at other characters. It’s difficult to demonstrate something like a fireball or a lighting bolt without having some sort of projectile to represent it. If it’s all imaginary, the other player could just simply say you missed!

Depending on your character’s race, there are items you may want to consider. Nothing completes the imagine of an Elvin wizard like a set of pointy ears. You can purchase latex ears that stick to your own so your friends (and enemies!) can more readily identify your character as an Elf.

Like the ears for an elf, if you’re playing something like a Lizardman or an Orc, the costume cannot be complete without a mask. A latex mask will help to make sure you don’t draw friendly fire by those who don’t recognize you.

For a closer look at some of these items, check out this website.

Your Turn!

Admittedly, I do not LARP. I have never had to make a spell packet, and I can’t attest to the comfort of the latex masks or Elf ears, so I would greatly welcome feedback from those who are in the know