Radiant Historia FAQ: Learn to Play This Atlus RPG

Radiant Historia FAQ: Learn to Play This Atlus RPG
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In this FAQ, I intend to translate important cutscenes as well as other information which I consider to be crucial to be understood. Unfortunately, translating the whole script would take too long and wouldn’t be of that much interest to people who want to experience playing Radiant Historia. The translations provided are there for basic understanding only. If you feel like some translations could be worded better, please leave a message in the comment sections at the bottom of your screen.

Radiant Historia FAQ


Radiant Historia is brand new RPG game developed by Atlus. Here’s a quick summary of the game as found on Play Asia (where you can purchase the game):

Hold the White Records in your hands and travel between worlds. Unless you set History back to its right path, or the world will end. The answers you seek may be in the past or in the parallel world and there, you’ll meet characters who may or may not be a hindrance to your tasks. Learn all their stories, as each of them are threads to the bigger history that will ultimately save your own world. Plan you battles on the grid, you may want to focus all your firepower onto one opponent, or your might fight your wars differently. Connect your attacks into combos and game over your enemies in one string. The deep worldview and the complicated story will keep you glued to your console, get Radiant Historia today.

Main Title (Radiant Historia FAQ)


There isn’t a whole lot to do here. Select the first option to start a new game and the second option to load a previously saved game. Since this is your first time playing this game, just start a new game with the first option.



Note: Keep in mind that it is entirely possible to skip dialogues by pressing start. In case you’re not too interested by the long conversations that take place in this game, this option will certainly come in handy.

At the very beginning of the game, you’ll be introduced to two small children (a boy and a girl) having a conversation in the middle of what seems to be a desert. Here’s a translation of their conversation to help you better understand what is going on.


Everything… everything has been swallowed by sand…


It happened again…

We still couldn’t save this world…

How many times does that make now?

My dear Sister…


I’m so tired of all this…


Yeah… But we can’t give up. If we don’t do this… no one will.


But can we really do it?Can we really save the ENTIRE world…?


I don’t know…

but I have to believe that we can.

We’ll try again in the morning.


Alright then, let’s try again, this is what our Power is for.


This time, we’ll set history right…

What’s Next?

In the next part of this walkthrough, we’ll start the game as we’re introduced to one of the main characters.

Prologue End (Radiant Historia FAQ 2 of 4)


Instead of translating every single bit of text, I thought it would be more interesting to summarize what is happening for


the rest of the prologue in order to start playing as soon as possible.


More than a century has passed since the fall of the Empire. After that fall, the whole continent started to turn into sand. It started from the West and soon spread towards the East.

The whole continent was plunged into a war for the last remaining pristine lands.

Alicetel, located in the east of the continent, was in a dire situation

because of the invasion of the western big power (Gran Org).

(Here’s a map of the continent:)


It is in this context that Stocke (the main protagonist for the game) is introduced as:

An important mission is about to be given to a man part of the spies of Alicetel…

The most capable [spy] in the intelligence bureau wearing a red outfit and running in the darkness (engaging in secret maneuvers)…

In case you’re wondering, Stocke is that character dressed in red:

Radiant Historia FAQ

A Conversation with Ice…

Following the Stocke chapter screen :


We are informed that the war between both countries is getting worse and that Ice has a mission in store for Stocke.

Ice explains that spies have been sent to Gran Org for a while now but that all kinds of unexpected things have been happening to them lately.

A certain spy (which has some vital military information) is unable to come back and Stocke’s mission is to find that spy and return him or her safely to Alicetel.

Stocke is to meet up with the spy to the west of Rasville.

Ice mentions that Stocke will be accompanied in his mission by two people who have certain abilities.

He also hands Stock a mysterious, ancient book: The White Records. Stock mentions that there is nothing written in that book but Ice replies that he shouldn’t concern himself with that. Ice adds that the book might prove to be useful during his mission.

What’s Next?

In the next section of this FAQ, Stocke will meet his two comrades for his dangerous mission.

Radiant Historia FAQ (Page 3 of 4)

You are now in control of Stocke, the main protagonist of this game (ff you try to talking with Ice again he’ll tell you to hurry up and take care of your mission).

Don’t leave the room just yet as there’s another long dialogue sequence waiting for you outside.

Since we’ve waited for so long to finally take control of a character, we’ll take this opportunity to explore the main menu for a while.

Press “X” on your DS to bring up the menu.

The Menu (Radiant Historia FAQ)

Here’s a brief explanation of the menu:

Radiant Historia FAQ

A. Camp: this is what the menu is called in this game, the “camp”.

B. Objective: this is a description of your next mission objective. It’s really convenient as you don’t really need to read all the dialogue as long as you know what to do next.

C. This is a description of the menu you’ve selected on the other screen (in this case, item).

In case you were a little bit confused by the previous dialogues, here’s a translation of your current mission objective:

Meet up with Ice’s spy on Rasville hill and bring him/her back safely to Alicetel.

On your other screen, you’ll find the actual menu:

Radiant Historia FAQ

Let’s begin by exploring the item submenu. This is where you’ll want to go to use all sorts of items.

Item (Radiant Historia FAQ)

If you look on the right hand side, you’ll a short description next to the “A” button which means “to use”. At the beginning of the game, you have three different items available.


傷薬:Potion: restores 50 HP to one character.

ハーブティ: Herbal Tea: restores 30 MP to one character.

聖水:Holy Water: revives an incapacitated character.

Skill and Status (Radiant Historia FAQ)

Radiant Historia FAQ

In the skill submenu, you’ll see your character status as well as the skills currently available.

Your character doesn’t have any skills usable in this menu, so I’ll simply translate the various attributes available in the status window.

A. Self-explanatory: your current level.

B. Self-explanatory: your HP and MP.

C. Various stats namely:

運: Luck

物攻: Attack Power

魔攻: Magic Power

速度 : Speed

物防: Physical Defence

魔防: Magical Defence

Equip (Radiant Historia FAQ)

As in any other RPG game, “Equip” will allow you to customize the gear of your characters.

Radiant Historia FAQ

Stocke starts the game with a broadsword and a leather armor.

The three slots under the weapon and armor are for accessories.

Continuing the Mission (Radiant Historia FAQ)

As you leave the Ice’s office, you’ll meet the two character’s who’ll join you on your journey, Marco and Rain.

They’ll introduce themselves and inform your about their abilities. Rain is an expert with the spear and knows a bit of magic while Marco knows fencing as well as tending wounds (healing).

Stocke then informs them of their mission.

Stocke will then have some sort of vision of things to come, namely the death of his two comrades, Marco and Rain as the White Records will start to shine. The flashback only lasts for a little while however which makes Stocke confused about the nature of the White Records.

Marco and Rain will then hand Stocke 500 G to make some purchase for their upcoming journey.

Radiant Historia English FAQ (4 of 4)

Once the dialogue is finally over with, Marco and Rain will join your party.

Head to the left and grab the treasure chest there, on the balcony (you’ll get two potions).

Radiant Historia FAQ

Don’t bother going to the office there (it’s vacant right now).

Head back to the right and move up to use the elevator.

Radiant Historia FAQ

Head to the third floor (first option in the picture).

Once you’re on the third floor, you can go left to save your game at the save point. Head to the right side for yet another chest.

Radiant Historia FAQ

You’ll find an amulet in this one. Equip it right away to one of your characters in the menu for some little bonuses to your stats.

Once you’ve picked up both chests, head back to the elevator and go to the first floor this time.

The Main Floor (Radiant Historia English FAQ)

As you get on the main floor, head right to a room where two soldiers are fencing for two more chests.

Radiant Historia FAQ

Walk behind the guards for the chests.

Radiant Historia FAQ

The chest on the left holds some Holy Water while the chest on the right contains some Herbal Tea.

Once you’ve done that, head south to leave this screen.

The Weapon Store (Radiant Historia English FAQ)

On the next screen, head right and climb the stairs to go to the store. Time to spend some of that 500G.

Radiant Historia FAQ

Talk to the shopkeeper behind the counter.

Radiant Historia FAQ

A: Buy item(s)

B: Sell item(s)

C: Leave

You can buy an Epee (エペー) for Stocke or Marco (Rainy uses spears only). You’ll have to come back later as you are somewhat short of cash at the moment.


AP: Attack Power MaP: Magic Power

Epee (エペー) 500 GP: AP +12/MaP +3

Custom Sword(カスタムソード) 700 GP: AP: +14

Bronze Spear (ブロンズスピア) 1,000 GP: AP: +17

Custom Lance (カスタムランス)1,600 GP: AP+20


Physical Defence/Magical Defence:

Bronze Mail (ブロンズメイル) 900 GP: +14/+10

Animal Hide (獣皮の服) 500 GP: +9/+12


Amulet(お守り)350 GP: +1 AP/ +1 MaP/ +1 HP

Bone earring (ピーンピアス) 750 GP: +3 PD/ +3 MaD

Seed Ring (シーリング)1000 GP:HP +10/ MP +5

The Main Floor Continued (Radiant Historia English FAQ)

Once you’re done shopping, climb the stairs to the right of the store and head south. You’ll find yet another chest there holding some more Herbal Tea.

Once you have opened that chest, it’s time to continue your adventuring south.

Head straight to your right and climb the stairs. Go south until you reach a partly concealed chess (who leaves all those chests in the open anyway?) for 300 GP.

If you go on the left side, you’ll find the item shop.

Radiant Historia FAQ

A: Potion, restores 50 HP.

B: Herbal tea, restores 30 MP.

C: Holy Water, revives an incapacitated character.

D: Anti-poison, cures poison.

E: Poison Wing, poisons one enemy.

Once you’re done with your shopping, it’s time to head out south for *yet* another cutscene.

What’s Next?

In the next article, Stocke will finally leave Alicetel and head to the hills in search for the missing spy.