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    • Conquering King's Landing in Game of Thrones: Genesis
      With Cyanide's newest RTS finally hitting retailers, how easy is it to claim the Iron Throne for yourself? Westeros is yours for the taking, but first you must master the game's three aspects: diplomacy, underhanded subterfuge, and war.
    • Best Console RPG to Play
      Infinite Undiscovery transports you into another world where the moon rules and magic flows freely. Musician Capell must become the hero he was always meant to be in the action-packed RPG game from Xbox 360. Fight real-time battles through changing environments and release the moon.
    • The Top 5 Western RPGs of all Time
      In the past 10 years the United States and Canada have produced some of the best role playing games to ever grace a console, but which ones are the best?
    • A Look Back at Chrono Trigger
      In the mid 1990s Square was producing some of the best role playing games ever made. Although they are more known for the Final Fantasy series, it was an RPG called Chrono Trigger that may be hailed as their greatest creation.
    • Role Play Your Way
      GURPS is not just a simple role-playing game, it could be the very key to your survival. Playing a well-planned game of GURPS is an easy and safe way to test out any potential hypothetical siutations like a Zombie Apocalypse.
    • Resources for GURPS PDF Files Online
      Looking for GURPS downloads? We've collected a great list of legal PDF downloads for charts and sheets for the popular Generic Universal RolePlaying System!
    • Arcania: Gothic 4 - Ultimate Achievement Guide
      Arcania: Gothic 4 delivers an epic fantasy adventure that features intense combat, item crafting, exciting quests, and dungeon-crawling. There are 46 achievements to unlock in the Xbox 360 version of the game and Bright Hub's Arcania: Gothic 4 achievement guide covers them all.
    • Top 10 Japanese Role Playing Games in the Last 10 Years
      Role playing games have been a mainstay in the gaming industry since the first Final Fantasy made millions in the late 1980's. Games have been using the formula repeatedly and it has worked to charm gamers into buying the sequels. These are the top 10 JRPGs from the last 10 years.
    • Why All of Westeros is Clamoring for A Game of Thrones RPG
      A Dance with Dragons, the fifth title in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, was finally published this summer after more than five years of waiting. With a hit HBO show heading for a second season, the franchise is popular enough to warrant a slew of new video games.
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