Other RPG Games

Other RPG Games

Fun JRPG Games: Top Ten in Ten Years

Role playing games have been a mainstay in the gaming industry since the first Final Fantasy made millions in the late 1980’s. Games have been using the formula repeatedly and it has worked to charm gamers into buying the sequels. These are the top 10 JRPGs from the last 10 years.

The Top 10 Best Two Worlds 2 Mods

Two Worlds 2 is a fantastic RPG with a release date of January 25, 2011. Two Worlds 2 maps are huge and exciting, but one way to improve the game is to use Two Worlds 2 mods. Mods for Two Worlds 2 make this PC RPG game experience amazing. So check out the top 10 best Two Worlds 2 mods list!

What LARP Supplies Do I Need?

Live action role-playing is group activity involving players who act out the roles of their characters. LARPing, like any hobby, requires a certain amount of supplies to participate and the supplies you need may vary depending on the character you play.