PS3 Gamers Burnout Paradise Tips & Hints on Getting the Hottest Cars in the Game

PS3 Gamers Burnout Paradise Tips & Hints on Getting the Hottest Cars in the Game
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The best rides in Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise allows you to take down some of the fastest, coolest, and road hungry cars in the world, and provides alternative editions of every enemy car you take down in open racing. You will need to retrieve the wreck of the car in question from the junkyard and then head for the car’s star on the map. Once there you need to beat the time in the Burning Route event and you just might drive away in any of the following cars.

  • The fiery paint job of the Watson Revenge Racer is spectacular and really looks good as your driving down the road. To get one you need to beat the 25 V16’s Burning Route and you then let the fun begin.
  • The Hunter Mesquite Custom is a car worth checking out because it takes a paint job so well, make sure to do this or you’ll be driving around in the default color.
  • The Nakamura Racing SI-7 might remind a lot of rally-race fanatics of the Toyota Celica when they first see it. This car lacks a little get-up-and-go, but is good for beating a lot of the early races.
  • The Nakamura Isuka Samurai is one of my favorite rides, a Japanese beast that you can only get after beating the Isuka GT’s Burning Route that is fast and nimble and just looks bad-ass.
  • The Rossolini LM Track Package comes in a kind of abstract paint scheme, but its fine lines and charm haven’t left it in over four decades of racing. This machine is impressive when you’re in the drivers set on line and you’ll be looking to get one for yourself.
  • The Jansen SXI-2 moves us into the dangerously fast and responsive category that is really great for the professional driver in you. A real challenge can be found if you try to drive this baby on the bonnet cam setting; see how long it takes you to become a flaming wreck, we dare you.
  • The Carson Racing 500 GT is a fast car by itself, but the version in Burnout Paradise is actually the race model and it really moves and handles like a dream. Take this gem out on the road, but make sure you take time to get the paint job just right; we want heads to spin and turn as we drive by.
  • The Hunter BRT Oval Champ is a purebred race machine that was made for the track; take it over to the abandoned race track to let your race-demon loose.
  • The Watson Burnout Roadster takes us right into supercar-land, with a special edition of the R-Turbo with amazing and cool Burnout decal.
  • The Jansen P12 Track Package may look like a car you’ve seen in real life, but with the track package it sure doesn’t drive like it. The Krieger PCPD Special is the reason we all showed up at this show, an F1 look-alike that you shouldn’t boost too much, if you want it to grip the road like glue.


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