Xbox 360 Gamers Race Pro Console Video Game Review

Xbox 360 Gamers Race Pro Console Video Game Review
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The good parts (4 out of 5)

Race Pro is a bare-bones, full action driving simulation with some of the most realistic and spot-on driving and track physics you will find in a game in this genre. A sure adrenalin ride for true race junkies and hardcore race-fanatics who just love a realistic and immersive driving experience that makes them think their really behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The level of detail and depth in all aspects of the realism in Race Pro is amazing, SimBin painstakingly modeled the cars included to look, drive, and almost feel like the original race cars. The race tracks included have been accurately depicted down to the degree of turn in the corners and they have obviously put a lot of thought and time into considering every factor that affects a race car.

Parts that should be improved (4 out of 5)

SimBin did a good job of developing a pretty good race simulation with what they included; they just didn’t provide enough variety in many aspects when you stack it side by side against games like Pure, Burnout Paradise or even Midnight Club. They may in fact have the most realistic driving experience as far as car and track physics is concerned, but the graphical presentation of Race Pro lags behind a bit.

The graphical story (3 out of 5)

Race Pro looks dull, and has lackluster graphical presentation that certainly isn’t as good as many recent titles, but that’s still good enough to provide enough detail and texture to keep the entertainment level high. The Gillet Vertigo Streiff and all of the race cars are detailed and textured enough to visually tell them apart immediately, as are all the various parts that you can tweak on your car.


Xbox 360 racing glory

Video racing excellence

Video game heaven!

Sounds in the game (3 out of 5)

Race Pro has no sound track, which you will notice right away or you won’t notice at all once you start racing, for it’s one of the bare-bones aspects I was talking about with Race Pro.

The sound effects are solid, but not flashy, and some will probably think their a little light on the noise factor for a race game, since the engines sound a little dull at times, and the tires screech at a lower pitch.

Want to play again? (3 out of 5)

SimBin include a total of 48 cars and 15 tracks on three different difficulty settings; novice, semi-pro, and professional for you to try, which isn’t very many considering the variety of race cars and track types they could create for a race simulation.

The learning curve is pretty shallow until you put the game on the highest difficulty setting, and then the experience becomes as realistic as it’s going to get. In this mode you need to consider momentum, force, torque, friction, and other variable in order to understand how to drive each of the various cars most effectively for their characteristics.

SimBin included a career mode that is the main course, with an 8 tiered racing season with multi-race events that are both challenging and fun. A single race mode where you can race any car you have unlocked in a single race competition. A championship mode that simulates a complete race season and a multiplayer mode, which can be played via system link or over Xbox Live, with a split screen effect for you and a friend to race head to head.

Race Pro has a car upgrade system that works nicely and allows you to tweak the suspension, brakes, gears, and three other categories of your race car, and has multiple options within each category.

The final mark (3 out of 5)

Race Pro is one of the singular best driving simulations you can find under the right circumstances, but lacks variety in many areas we have come to expect to see lots of choice in our racing game play. Race Pro deserves no real fan fare or celebration for its appearance, maybe a “Congratulations, you won the race”, like you receive after winning a race while playing Race Pro. This said driving the 3,000 lb Aston Martin DBRS9 through the narrow streets of Porto at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour is still fun, extremely engaging and difficult, and a driving challenge sure to make hardcore driving fanatics happy.