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GTR: Evolution - Game Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A review of the recently released sports car game. The secret behind GTR: Evolution is that the game is nothing but an expansion to the famous WTCC racing simulator. It gives us the opportunity to try some new cars, an improved driving system, and to test drive the Green Hell.

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    The driving on the streets lately is a real mess, I would call it a small tournament even. You can see dangerous racings on the street, pathetic traffic jams and a special type of daltonic visions which stops you from distinguishing red from green. To surive, you either need a vast dictionary of insults, a full speed drive on Sunday for relaxation, and some unneeded vinyls on your car, making it more attractive (or at least you'd think that way).

    This is the truth, yes. Happily, the gaming world is full with games which can give you a small and nearly realistic drive without bringing your dictionary of insults with you. One of the latest examples for this is GTR: Evolution.

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    Things never are what they look like

    No matter that the name of the simulation proposes something new to see, in fact the game itself is just an expansion for the official simulator of World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). From here there are two ways in which GTR is distributed. Basically the new miracle of racing gives us the opportunity to see some new cars and 19 new maps. We also have to point out here that some of the vehicles don't exist in the real world. There are of course few prototypes which are really there. Thanks to the game you can find all the vehicles and races during 2006 and 2007 from WTCC.



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    Nürburgring – The Green Hell

    Like any other racing expansions, GTR: Evolution allows you to see and test some new cars and other new small stuff that you will hardly notice. However, the main and most considerable change is a single race track. Unlike the rest of the game, GTR Evolution includes one of the most famous race tracks ever – Nurburgring, or specifically its north part - Nordschleife (Northern Loop). The beauty of the so-called Green Hell is that it's one of the most dangerous and most demanding purpose-built race tracks in the world. The race track is frequently used by Porsche and BMW for tests, and is also open for normal visitors.

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    Graphics, Sound and Gear

    Graphics and Sound

    The graphics and sound effects of the expansion are not anything special, just like the Race 07 version. The car and track graphical details won't make your eyes blink happily. The interior of your car is far from perfect, and the general car effects are rusty. Regarding the sound, it again could have been better but they are acceptable. Your expectations for a soundtrack will be gone soon.

    Wheel and Accelerator

    Just like the previous products of SimBin Company, GTR: Evolution's secret keys into the way you drive the car and the driving system itself. Every car's attitude and specifics on the road are very realistic. It all even seems too easy at a first, but you will notice that you will need a lot more to achieve a good position in the race. GTR: Evolution is probably the best game to try out your Wheel, Accelerator and Breaking device. If you don't have any, the time to buy one has came!

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    In conclusion, GTR: Evolution is not a bad game to play. The interesting and realistic way of driving your car is worth the time spent, and also the new race tracks we've mentioned above. If the game producers had worked more on the graphics of the cars and race tracks, this game could be one of the hits of the year, just after the up-coming new Need For Speed game.