Darkfall: A Sneak Preview Of Upcoming MMO, Darkfall, by Greek Games Developer, Aventurine

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We all know what we want when we play video games. Most of us are drawn by the ultra realistic eye candy as others are drawn to a game by sheer gameplay. Whatever your flavor, Darkfall will appeal to you. This game is not yet released, but is set to release by Q4 of 2008. With its unique gameplay and quoted next generation features, it is sure to acquire even the most relaxed gamer around.

In the country of Greece, where video games are frowned upon and cursed, inhabits a small video game studio named Aventurine. Yes, thats Aventurine, not to be confused with Adventurine as its forum community frequently corrects this. This studio employs gamers from around the world that are familiar with MMORPG’s in particular. Strap on a degree in programming and animated arts and there you have it, a unique and “player listening” development team. With many large development companies, the issue of listening to the players has always been the downfall to any game developer. But as with politics, you can’t please everyone.

Now to the juicy bit. What is Darkfall? Darkfall is an MMORPG that yields sandboc gameplay. Many MMO’s have attempted this style and have failed miserably. So how will Darkfall be successful with it? No one yet knows, but it fills the gaps where other MMO’s have failed. The most important feature is the full PvP and open loot. This means there are no safe zones anywhere in the game except for the major cities. Anywhere you roam, you can be killed…and looted…completely. Great. So I can’t survive. All of those arrows are gonna hit me and there is no way to dodge right? Wrong. Darkfall will incorporate an FPS style of combat when shooting arrows or firing a fireball. This game will require skill and skill will be in how well you can dodge and fire simultaneously. And yes, healing spells will work the same. You can rocket a million heal spells but if your enemy is in front of your target, guess what. You just healed them. So how does this kill and be looted thing work? If I am being ganked hardcore, how will I ever get up on my feet? Darkfall will have it set to where it will be easy to obtain basic armor and weapons for how you choose to play. There will be rare items in the game as featured in other MMO’s, and I would strongly suggest not using your Leet sword of Ima Pwn you in massive battles.

The characteristics of Darkfall rival many MMO’s to date. It does not feature cartoony graphics and it won’t be too realistic to the point where it feels as if you are playing a simulator. After all, how can you simulate fictional items such as magic? The game will be powered by Aventurine’s in house engine and from the Test Location video they have released, seems to work seamless. The lighting effects and fluid movements of things so minuscule as a blade of grass really are impressive. Okay, so we have you convinced to read more. What is the key features of the game?

-Mounted Combat

-First Person combat

-City building

-Siege warfare

-Clan politics

-Player ran economy

-6 playable races: Human, Ork, Mirdain, Alfar, Dwarf, and Maharim

-Sandbox world

-Massive crafting, including unique items only crafted by players

In our next article, we will be covering more of the details outlying the game and going more in depth with the production as well as the developer journals. So, you MMO player. How about a taste of Darkfall?