Requiem Classes: The Turan and the Bartuk

Requiem Classes: The Turan and the Bartuk
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The Requiem Class System

When you begin a character in Requiem, you must first choose their race. Each race has four exclusive classes available, so players must choose their race wisely with a plan as to their final class.

A beginning character will be a Temperion from levels 1-10; a Temperion is simply a basic class with no difference from any other race/class available. At level 10, a quest line will allow the character to progress into their first basic class. This class choice will determine the character’s final class choice at level 50. For example:

Bartuk (Race) -> Warrior or Shaman -> Warlord/Beserker (Warrior) or Forsaker/Mystic (Shaman)

An important note: In an upcoming update to Requiem, titled Memento Mori, characters will begin their first job choice at level 1, eliminating the Temperion class.

Turan Defender: The Commander and Protector

Beginning Male Turan

The Turan Defender is a master of defense, and is the class set best designed for tanking in Requiem. Defenders can use Plate Armor, Two Hand Bludgeons and Swords, Shields, and Axes, Swords, and Bludgeons. The Turan Defender can become either a Commander or Protector.


The Commander is a leader on the battlefield, and his skills are designed to charge into the fray fearlessly. A Commander’s skills are focused on resisting negative effects, bolstering the attack of his party, demoralizing his enemy, and striking multiple enemies at once. The commander can even teleport around the battlefield.


The Protector is capable of buffing and healing herself and her allies. Though she has less health and attack power than the Commander, she offers a greater protection to her party through her spells.

Turan Templar: The Tempest and Radiant

The Turan Templar is the dedicate healing class set of Requiem with swift melee strikes. Templars are provided with many heals, debuffs, electric and holy attacks. Templars can use Leather Armor, Magic Shields, Wands, Bludgeons, and Staves. They can become either Tempests or Radiants.


Wielders of electrical magic, the Tempest is a magician with the capability of healing himself. His magic hits more enemies for greater damage than that of the Radiant, and he can also slow his enemies with spells like Lightning Restraint.


The ultimate healer, the Radiant uses her divine magic to recover her party’s hitpoints and magic points. She also has the ability to silence her foes. Though not as powerful as other casters, she does have close range melee spells that can compare to that of the Xenoa.

Bartuk Warrior: Warlord and Beserker

A Female Bartuk Warrior

The Bartuk warrior is the front-line melee combatant. Wielding massive weapons and wearing heavy armor, the warrior classes can deal massive damage at a slower speed. Warriors can both one- and two-handed versions of axes, swords, and bludgeons; they can also use shields and plate armor. The warrior can become a Warlord or a Beserker.


The Warlord is a master of two-handed combat with poor long range skills, but more importantly, the Warlord is a master of buffs and debuffs. This means that their damage is weaker than a Beserker, but they provide great utility to a group and on the battlefield.


The Beserker, also a two-handed master, can do massive critical damage with his weapon. He utilizes a rage mechanic, which can decrease his critical chance if not controlled properly. The Berserker can dash at their enemies in a blaze of fire and rage.

Bartuk Shaman: Forsaker and Mystic

The Bartuk Shaman is an armored caster specializing in fire, with some buffing and healing utlity. The shaman can use staves, wands, magic shields, and leather armor. Specializations for the shaman are the Forsaker and the Mystic.


Forsakers have a hybrid fighting style that utilizes fire magic, healing, and defensive boons to become a melee-caster hyrbrid. Of special note is their ability to summon healing spirits that can heal their entire party.


The Mystic is the counterpart to the Forsaker; where the Forsaker specializes in defense, the Mystic is an offensive spellcaster. They are capable of using fire magic to devastating effects, and have amazing AoE spells.

Kruxena Rogue: Assassin and Shadow Runner

Kruxena Male

The Kruxena Rogue specializes in fast, brutal attacks. Capable of using claws, dual swords, crossbows, and leather armor, the Rogue can become an Assassin or a Shadow Runner.


Assassins take advantage of enemy weaknesses, and utilize poisons and positional advantages to slaughter their enemies, and can also do AoE damage.

Shadow Runner

Not only do Shadow Runners debuff their targets with poisons, they can interrupt spell casting and use ranged weapons to do explosive damage from afar, making them as deadly as an assassin, but from a ranged distance.

Kruxena Soul Hunter: Defiler and Dominator

The Soul Hunter is a master of curses and debuffs. Physically weak, they rely on health drains to maintain their own health. The Soul Hunter can use staves, wands, magic shields, and leather armor, and remain relatively weak until they transform into either a Defiler or Dominator.


The Defiler is a master of confusing his enemies. A ranged caster, the Defiler focuses on DoTs and long distance AoEs and debuffs to aid his party.


Master summoners of the dead, Dominators buff and strengthen their magical minions instead of fighting themselves. Their summons can both do magical damage and heal their master and their party.

Xenoa Hunter: Ranger and Avenger

Xenoa Female

The Xenoa Hunter is a master of range. Capable of using knuckles, launchers, and leather armor, the Hunter can become a Ranger or an Avenger.


The Ranger specializes fully in attacking with their ranged weapon, and receive several skills to increase their ranged attack as well as cause confusion and bleeds. Rangers may also increase their stealth detection.


The Avenger is also a master of ranged combat debuffs. Unlike its Ranger counterpart, the Avenger can capture monsters to use as pets, and can also use a variety of traps against their foes.

Xenoa Battle Magician: Elementalist and Druid

The Xenoa Battle Magician are combat style magicians. Capable of using maces, staves, wands, knuckles, and leather armor, the Battle Magician can become an Elementalist or a Druid.


Master of the elements, the Elementalist brings the highest magical damage of any caster class in Requiem. The Elementalist also possesses powerful party buffs, making them excellent in PvP.


The druid is a master of transformations, and can transform into either a Doomguard, which can act as a tank, or an Infernal, which acts as melee DPS. The druid however must choose to specialize in one of these transformations, and cannot maximize both.