Entropia Universe: New Players Guide Entropia Basics

Entropia Universe: New Players Guide Entropia Basics
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Entropia Universe Basics

Entropia Universe is free to play with only a client to download and install. This game has a real-cash economy which means you can make actually money in the game and transfer it to your bank account. Depositing cash in the game will allow you to develop your character at a faster speed. The game currency is called Project Entropia Dollars or PED for short and yourmoney is stored on your PED card for use throughout the game. After installing you can create a character with the charcater creation system working just like any other MMO. You can only have one character per account so choose a name you can live with before joining the game.

I Just Arrived. What Now?

Entropia Controls

Once you arrive on Calypso you will find yourself without weapons, armor or money and just the clothes on your back. This can be intimidating for the beginner player but it won’t take you long to figure things out. In the arrival area is a layout of your keyboard, which you can mouse over the buttons to see what they do. It is a good idea to study the layout and you can always come back and refer to it later if you need to. You have several paths in Entropia Universe to take. You can mine, hunt, craft, sell, pilot, or be a mindforce user. There are a few other professions but these are the basic ones to know about. It is recommended that you try hunting first as it is the cheapest occupation and the one that most people will pick who don’t deposit money into the game.

Port Atlantis

Entropia Auctions

You are in an area called Port Atlantis which contains shops, an auction house, and crafting stations. You will also find players selling their goods by the teleporter which allows you to move to other areas of the game world, if you have discovered the teleported on the other side. You should stay in this general area until you get a feel for things, and don’t wander into the wild. If you die your body will transport to the closest location and if you are too far from the port you may end up at an outpost surrounded by hostile creatures. The MMO world of Calypso is gigantic and you can easily get trapped in its wilderness. There are no vehicles in the game so you have to walk, unless you have teleport skills.

Auctions and Terminals


auction NPC

A big part of Entropia Universe is auctions and trading with other players. As you play you will loot items off of creatures that can be worth value to other players. In the main ports you can find players who will pay you for your goods or you can use the auction house to sell them. You will need a small amount of PED to use the auctions, so as a beginner player, trade is your only real option. Click on the NPC auctioneer to start trading.

Trade Terminal

You can also use the basic trade terminal to get money from the generic items in the game but be sure to talk to another player before doing this as they may trade you something for it. At the trade terminal you can buy your first basic items like weapons, ammunition and medical devices. Don’t buy the armor here as it isn’t very good wait until you have enough cash for a good set.

Repair Terminal

At this terminal you can repair your items. All items in this game need repair as you use them, especially armor and weapons. Each repair will cost you PED. If your items condition gets too low you won’t be able to use it. Some items in the game are not repairable and are limited so once they are fully decayed you will need to buy a new one.

Revival and Society Terminals

Revival Terminal

In all ports and outpost you will find revival terminals, you can’t interact with the terminal but when you die your body will be transported to one of these locations. You should stay close to an area where it is safe for your character level. If you venture out too far, you can become trapped with creatures around you too powerful for you to take on. JaxMap provides some great maps about the game that you may find helpful as you play.

Society Terminal

Entropia Societies

At the society or clan terminal, you can join a society and play with friends. It would be a good idea as a new player to try and find a society. These groups may provide you with some basic items and even some PED to get you started in the game.

Making Some PED


Making money in the beginning stages of Entropia Universe can be a challenge. Your only method of making cash as a beginner unless you have deposited, is to “sweat” creatures. At the top of your screen is a bottle icon and when you click it you will enter sweating mode. If you mouse over a creature your avatar will go into a trance for a few seconds and will then start sweating the creature. It may take you multiple attempts before you get any sweat so be patient. If you get hit, you will have to start the process all over again. Once you gather sweat you can then sell it to other players. The sweat is not tradable on the auctions so you will need to sell it directly to players looking for it.

Sweating Areas


The best place to sweat creatures for a new player is just outside of Port Atlantis at the sweat camp. It is very easy to find and just over the hill. Ask a new player to direct you to it if you can’t find it. Once you arrive there you will find many new players doing exactly what you are doing. You can make new friends here and even find a society. You may also find mindforce users here helping the new players. The mindforce user can create a small bubble around your avatar with charges that keep your trance going when you get hit by creatures. As you get hit, the chargers diminish until you need a new one. If you die the bubble will disappear and you will need to get a new one applied. if you get hit by multiple creatures, run to the gun turret by the camp, which will destroy the creatures hitting you very quickly.


Entropia Skills

As you sweat creatures, you will begin to learn your first skills in the game. Entropia Universe has a very large skill tree and each profession will train different skills, You will never master them all so you should specialize in a few. Sweating creatures will give you very important evasions skills which will help you later on when you face more dangerous creatures and even robots. You should really stick with sweating for several days because the money and expereince you gain can be applied to other skills such as hunting, crafting and mining. Now that you have some PED you can pick a profession such as hunting and explore more of this game world.


Take your time during your first few days in Entropia Universe. Try to join a society as soon as you can which will be very valuable in helping you learn about the game. Stay close to Port Atlantis until you are strong enough to venture off hunting or trying other skills.