Talisman Online - Look Elsewhere for a Quality MMORPG

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Talisman Online is a free fantasy MMO from developer Miracle Castle. In this game, based on an ancient mythical storys, you have to choose from 5 different professions as you venture through hundreds of quests and encounter just as many monsters. Not too unlike another famous MMO, you can obtain mounts and even catch monsters to be your pets. With a small client size of only 150mb, it is an easy game to download.

Storyline (2 out of 5)

The story of Talisman Online looks great on the website. An ancient evil rises up and turns a paradise into a living hell, and then along comes a hero who imprisons the great evil and locks it away. Why they never kill the great evil, I don’t know. But low and behold the story picks up with some other mysterious evil lurking about. Is it the great evil from the past, or something new emerging? Are you shaking in your boots yet? Don’t worry, that is about as deep as the story in this game gets. It starts off with a few simple quests to get you acquainted with the game and deliver to you the simple story line of a great evil rising up - however, it falls short and never delivers. This may be fine for a casual MMO player who does not want to invest too much time into a game, or just looking to kill an hour while bored at work or home. If you are a serious MMO player, though, looking for a deep immersing storyline that will captivate you and keep you on edge, look elsewhere.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

The graphics in this game fall short of stunning. The interface is very similar to a game that has wowed MMO players for several years already, and with the low quality of detail I see nothing visual to hold my interest in this game for more than about thirty seconds. The most interesting graphic I have seen was when you are doing your “Talisman Enhance” to your weapons. I am pretty sure if I run this game any longer my video card is going to go on strike and demand a better quality of game, as integrated graphics on most any system should be able to handle anything this game can throw at you.

Gameplay and Mechanics (3 out of 5)

The point and click nature of this game makes me wish developers would invest a little time in trying to make an enjoyable interface for a game and not something a monkey could play by accident. With only five different professions or classes there is not a lot of depth in the character creation process. You have two choices of caster classes: the Wizard and Fairy; two melee classes: the Monk and Assassin; and one ranged class: the Tamer. Choosing a class will not change your play style in this game which consist of left clicking a mob and letting your character fight it. You do have a hot bar where items like potions can be equipped. The game camera is lacking in attention too, as it will not follow behind your character - just in an up and down kind of mode that makes it hard to see where your going or what your doing at times. This can get frustrating when your trying to do any quest, which seem to consist of endless grinding. The one shining point for this game is the ease of use of the chat log, but with theres a down side that as well: Spammers have mastered this easy to use feature, too.


This is not a game I would spend anymore time with. I can think of half a dozen MMOs which are a lot better and I would get a lot more enjoyment out of. This game simply fails on all aspects, unless your looking for a new place to chat with something to do to kill your time. I am very disappointed in this game. I suppose that, if you’re on a low-end computer and desperate for an MMO, that this might meet your needs, at least for a little while.