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Game Tips for Making Mr. Right

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Making Mr. Right is a hybrid game that mixes time management, match three and city-building skills to help bachelors build the skills they need to win the heart of their perfect love match. Find out game details and get a few tips to help you out.

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    About Making Mr. Right

    Making Mr. Right screenshot “Doctor Love" is in! Best selling self-help writer decides to open up holistic relationship communities to help men find a partner. Improve the men’s skills to help them win the heart of the woman they desire. Build homes, shops and other structures to create the perfect environment for relationships to flourish. It is a time management game combined with a bit of city building and a bit of match three mini-puzzle play.

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    Game Play

    Making Mr Right Making Mr. Right has five locations to play in, each with several levels. In each location, Dr. Love will have a studio, a community of homes and a bonus mini-puzzle section. The main portion of the game is played in the studio. This is where men will go to get trained in specific skills like dancing, cooking, yoga, painting etc.

    Each level in the studio will require players to train a specific number of clients in order to forward in the game. As men arrive in the studio, you will need to click on them to find out what skill(s) they would like to learn. If what they need is unavailable, click on the telephone icon and select the appropriate skill station. Place it in an open space in the studio and it will quickly be built by workers. When completed, click and drag the client to the station for training. When they have completed their training, you will see an image icon of the woman they wish to impress. Click and drag the client to the small “meet up" station located at the top of the screen. After the date is completed, collect the money left behind.

    Sometimes, a client will like to learn more than one skill. In these cases, these men will need to be placed in multiple stations. Mood and level of happiness is monitored by the number of happy face icons displayed next to the client. If they become frustrated with a task, you can click and drag Dr. Love to the station they are located at for extra assistance and support.

    Game play in the studio continues until time has run out. In between the studio levels, players will go back to the community section where homes, shops, decorative items and entertainment facilities can be built. Each of these city-building sections will require you to construct a specific number of homes, buildings etc to successfully complete a level in the game.

    Aside from building up the community, players will get to occasionally play a mini-puzzle match three game round. Bonus money and power ups can be earned in these short level rounds.

    To win Making Mr. Right, you will need to successfully complete all levels in the five locations in the game.

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    Game Hints and Tips

    • In the studio, training stations can be moved or demolished by using the appropriate icon pieces located at the right side of the screen.
    • When building stations for the studio, selecting the upgraded version will result in faster training. Alternatively, the non-upgraded stations are a bit slower but will take up less space in the studio.
    • When building the community section, houses that are placed closer to the studio will get additional bonuses that will help the couples located there. Gift shops also bring overall appeal to the community and give bonuses to residents that are located close by. To get the best placement, after selecting the gift shop highlight it over areas you would like to place it. Look at the green outline to see how many homes that would be affected before placing it there permanently.
    • Bonus power ups earned in the match three rounds can be used during studio level play.These can help increase the speed that clients learn skills etc.
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    *Screenshot images for the Making Mr. Right game article were created by Sheila Robinson.

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