Druids Battle of Magic - Game Hints and Tips

Druids Battle of Magic - Game Hints and Tips
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About Druids Battle of Magic

In a fantastical land filled with magic, the “Book of the Druids” has been stolen. The book was a guide to certain secret potions that helped to provide peace and harmony throughout the land. To help the druids with their quest, you will need to find all the symbols of power to fill up the magic reserves. It is a match three game where gathering sources of the elements – fire air, earth and water are the key to success. There are 110 levels to play in either relaxed or timed mode.

Game Play

Druids Battle of Magic screenshot

Druids Battle of Magic is a pure match three game. In every level, all wooden tiles must be removed in order to complete it. You will need to match three or more like elemental items including water, air, earth (stone) and fire piece icons. Matching elemental pieces results in an accumulation of mana, which can be used as a power up item when fully charged. Each element provides a different type of power up that can remove pieces and tiles. The water element (teardrop icon) will remove a three tile horizontal block when fully charged while the earth element (tree icon) removes a three tile vertical block. When the air element (white ball icon) is fully charged it gives a five block power up shaped like a cross. Fire element icons (red stone icon) provide a nine tiled square power up when charged up.

As the levels progress, additional types of tiles are added to increase difficulty. The blue force field will lock a piece in a single tile. A match will need to be created adjacent to this block in order to remove it.

Other tiles like metal blocks simply put another layer on top of the wooden tiles that need to be removed. Pieces can move and drop like normal, so no special strategy is needed.

Game play continues in each level until all wooden tiles have been removed. If you are playing the timed mode, this task will need to be completed before your time runs out. When this happens, the level will need to be repeated until you successfully complete it.

Quick Hints and Tips

  • Save power up items for hard to reach tile pieces that are stuck in corners or have extra layers to remove (such as frozen or force field tiles). Elemental power ups can be used anywhere on the game board and do not have to “fit” in any specific way. For instance, you can use a earth elemental power up on a single tile that needs to remove, regardless if the pieces adjacent to it do not have any tiles on them.
  • If elemental power ups are not used during a level of play, they will not carry over to the next level. The power ups will be drained and counted as points.
  • The easiest way to remove frozen tiles is by using any one of the elemental power ups. This is especially applicable in levels where the frozen tile is isolated from other pieces (like level 20).

Screenshot images for the Druids Battle of Magic game were created by Sheila Robinson.