Browser MMO Space Game - Lacuna Expanse Review

Browser MMO Space Game - Lacuna Expanse Review
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Lacuna Expanse Basics (4 out of 5)

Lacuna Expanse is a massive browser MMO space game with over 1 million worlds in the galaxy so far. You start with one planet and you can develop the economy with food, mines, energy and many other buildings up to one hundred in total. The game features a robust trading system where resources, ships, and other items can be traded with your alliance embers or others. You can mine up to sixty different resources in the game and even stay on your home planet if you don’t want to engage in battle the choice is yours. In fact there’s so much to build that you may not even want to build ships at all. For explorers there’s over 100,00 star systems and your home planet can never be lost or taken from you.

Game Structures (4 out of 5)

Lacuna Expanse

You’ll spend the first part of your time in Lacuna Expanse building structures. There’s a lot you need to do from building power, to food production, mines, and storage facilities. You have four main resource types including food, water, ore and energy but each type can have multiple buildings. So for example food can include wheat, fungus farm, algae cropper, apple orchard, and corn plantation. Each structure will take some of the main resources of food, water, energy, and ore to complete. Once you have the basic resources you can grow your economy by building the other structures to support it. The higher the level of food production for example, the more you will produce and the same can be said for the other economic buildings. You’ll also have to build waster management buildings to keep your citizens happy and control pollution levels.

Ships/Alliances (5 out of 5)

Once you have a space port and shipyard you can begin to construct ships in the game. You can build colony ships, transports, fighters, drones, mining ships and others. Eventually you’ll form alliances with other members and build space stations. Spies can be sent to steal technology and sabotage the growth of your enemies.. You can use a smuggler ship for this purpose and get your spies onto your enemies planet. Alliances will try and sway planets their way and if the other side doesn’t like it you’ll send your spies to take out their space station and the other alliances power. Some players may decide not to got his route and may just be content to build structures their home planet.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Lacuna Expanse is a huge game and new players should read the tutorial and have a look at the Wiki pages. There’s so much to do in the game that it can seem overwhelming at times. The graphics in the game look decent for a browser game and the star map is easy to use. Don’t be in a rush to build ships right away because you don’t need them in the beginning of the game get your economy strong first. Lacuna Expanse is an impressive game and as it grows hopefully it will introduce more content for players of this browser based space MMO game.