Zombie Flick Review for iPhone

Zombie Flick Review for iPhone
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Zombie Flick is a simple yet addictive and fun game that involves the decapitation of zombies, not using guns, but everyday stuff that can be found in the kitchen and the garage of an average home. The game is fashioned in an olden day era with well dressed zombies constantly pouring towards you. Flick items aimed at their heads to put them down for good.

Game Play (5 out of 5)

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When you start the game, you will find yourself at a crossroads, which leaves open spaces in all four directions for zombies to come at you. It’s a first person game, but you will have no problem turning in either direction to prevent yourself from being eaten. In addition, you will be warned of an approaching zombie, if they are coming from one of your current blind spots. This warning is in the form of a blue light from that direction on the screen.

The game is simple with one main goal, but can pose a good challenge at times. Your aim is to flick the screen so that whatever you are holding in your hand will go sailing off towards the flock of zombies that are heading towards you. It is best to aim at the zombie’s heads because that will ensure their deaths when they are decapitated. If you hit them elsewhere, there is a strong possibility that they will fall to the ground, but still keep crawling towards you. You will now have to try to hit them on the ground which is a bit harder.

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zombie flick baked beans

The weapons that you use are not your typical blazing guns and sharp swords; they are everyday objects that you probably would use if you were really being unexpectedly hunted by zombies. You will find everything including, bricks, balls, records, fruits, even simple stuff like toilet tissue and a can of baked beans. The fact is that, if you can hold it, you can throw it and if you can hit a zombie with it in the right place, it will cause some damage.

The points system is pretty basic, you get points for decapitating the zombies and bonus points for when you manage to get more than one of them with just one shot.

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This may sound difficult, but not really; just try to aim your projectile at a wall and have it bounce back towards the zombies. It will create a sort of boomerang effect and hopefully kill quite a few zombies to rack up those bonus points.

While the game is mostly action, it also involves a bit of strategy, wherein you have to ensure that you are protected from all corners. Each direction will have a protection level indicator, which is represented by a green wrench in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Your defense level is represented as a percentage and the aim is to always keep it at 100%. The closer the zombies get to you, the lower your percentage gets, so it is a good idea to turn around from time to time to ensure that you are keeping the zombies at bay. You can repair your defenses by tapping the wrench, but you cannot flick projectiles at the zombies while you are doing it, so try to get rid of the closest ones before you start the repair process.

There is a slow motion feature that you can activate for a small period of time. It’s called the movie mode. You will have access to this feature if you score enough points and knock off enough heads. If your barriers are low or one or two zombies decide to run at you, you can enable the slow mo and line them up properly before smashing their heads off in movie quality slow motion. Just remember that some of these zombies will run, some will fight back and others may actually throw stuff back at you so don’t take them lightly.

Controls and Graphics (5 out of 5)

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This zombie game is played from a first person perspective, but navigation is easy with the iPhone. You simply tap the left or the right side of the screen to turn in either direction to view the east, west, north or south roads. Additionally, you can flick the iPhone in two ways to get those zombie heads a rolling; You can try flicking vertical, which is the easiest way to flick and is more straightforward, or you can try flicking at an angle in hopes of curving the projectiles and getting those bonus points for combo decapitation. Strategy and level headedness is always welcome, but chances are; you will be flicking like crazy without any aim at all when those zombies start to get close. That works too… for a while.

The Zombie Flick graphics are pretty decent, the background and characters are from the American 1970’s setting and they have been displayed beautifully in Zombie Flick. The music is also fitting and provides you with that Zombie Land movie feeling, where it’s scary and funny all at the same time. Full Flat, the makers of Zombie Flick did not skimp on their graphics abilities for this game considering that you can Download Zombie Flick for free temporarily, if the temp time is up, it still only costs £0.59.


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As usual, we will start with the negatives and the good news is that Zombie Flick only has two. The truth is that after while, the game may seem a bit repetitive and for someone like me who likes a lot of strategy in my games, Zombie Flick is largely based on luck, even though strategy plays a part. By now you must realise that even the small set backs of this game are not really set backs at all. Just keep flicking at those slow moving hungry creatures and look out for the bright spark zombies that will charge at you every now and again. This can be a very good game for you and your friends to play this Halloween, just turn the lights off and star in your own Zombie Flick, but keep an eye out for Ethel; she is the nice little old lady who is often the one that sneaks up on you to take a bite. Also, be on the look out for upgrades, they may just throw a few more items and some upgraded zombies in there for the scary season. If you think you can master the art of zombie killing, then start today and post your high scores to the global leader board. Feel free to comment with your own Zombie Flick review.