Triplejack, a fun and free animated online poker site - Review Of Triplejack Poker Website

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Here’s the scenario, you’ve started watching those poker shows and then the bug hits you. You decide to start this weekly poker event with your friends and realize that you guys don’t have the same free time together so a weekly poker event isn’t plausible. So what do you do? Why, you go online of course.

But here’s the snag.

Most of the poker sites you find are playing for real money and frankly, as a neophyte the idea of playing for money isn’t something you’re willing to try out - yet.

Well, why don’t you try this pokersite, called Triplejack instead?

Its free and is widely animated that not only will you be able to practice your new found bluffing skills, you’ll be able to communicate with other players, as well as build up your network.

The Pros and Cons

What’s great about Triplejack is that since its Flash based, it doesn’t take up most of your bandwidth or RAM.

You can just load it up and get playing right away. You can choose to use the site for free or be a Power Player where you dish out a few bucks for added privileges and chances to win cash or prizes whenever you hit the big great hands.

There are three areas where you can play, these dens range from the beginner, novice and advanced players with antes going up from 0 - 100 000$ (which are of course, non-existent money wise) Aside from ante price, number of players and game speed can also be customized to fit the moods of each individual player, so you’ll have a lot to choose from.

Some drawbacks to playing for free, is that you’re not eligible to claim prizes for the points you earn playing, limited actions while playing in game and a profile site, that well doesn’t really do much since no one can see it anyway.

Since you’re not playing for money, the point system is being enabled itself. For a free player, this isn’t really of much use to you because you’re not eligible for prizes anyway. However as a power player, the points system is something that you’ll look forward to as it raises your name among the ranks of the best of the best.

Something that both power and regular players will enjoy are the regular tournaments held daily or weekly that offer prizes such as free months as a power player, cash prizes or laptops.

One big drawback to Triplejack though are the odds being played at each table. Expect that sometimes, the odds will get wacky and that your 2/3 Diamond can still win over a pair of Aces.

But then agian, the pros overcome the cons and I guarantee you’ll find yourself enjoying your time and spending more than just the “a few minutes” you promised yourself the first instance you enter a game room.