Experience the Thrill of Zombieland Mobile Phone Game

Experience the Thrill of Zombieland Mobile Phone Game
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Most gamers enjoy thrilling and challenging mobile games that offer the chance of fighting and killing zombies while running for survival. The Zombieland mobile game, a tie-in with the movie of the same name, offers both in a sidescrolling carnival of zombie action. Let us take a closer look at the game and see if it lives up to the awesome fun of the movie or if it needs to be shot in the head.

Graphics and Sounds (3 out of 5)


When it comes to graphics and sound this game is typical sidescrolling fare. That does not mean it is not good, though. The 2D graphics of the generic zombies and the main characters (who barely resemble the characters in the movie) still have enough quality to make the game visually appealing, but it can hardly be considered impressive. The same goes for the sound in the game.

User Interface (3 out of 5)


Things may get a little cramped for people who are playing this on a mobile phone with the usual small screen, but for people with large smartphone screens, the available controls on the screen and the menus all fit in a functional way without obstructing the gameplay. From the user interface, the player can perform different actions like walking and fighting zombies, as well as picking weapons. One cool feature of the user interface is the Ghost Display which makes the control buttons transparent, giving the player a better view of the game action. This feature is only available on touchscreen phones though.

Game Design (3 out of 5)

Many people are thrilled by zombies whether they are on TV, in movies or in comic books. That is the main reason why a simple sidescrolling game like this one works. Otherwise, it can get very old very fast. As with most movie tie-in games, whether it be a mobile game or a console game, there are not enough innovative game elements to be found in the Zombieland mobile game. It offers the usual beat up the enemy, collect power ups and advance to the next level type of gameplay that may not appeal to hardcore gamers. Nevertheless, it does involve zombies and a big movie license so the bland game design won’t put everyone off.

Features (3 out of 5)

Although it is a typical sidescrolling game, it does offer some features that make bashing zombie heads worthwhile like the ability to pick your own music while killing the undead. The Music Picker feature only works on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, though, so people who are using other types of mobile devices will not have the pleasure of setting the zombie-killing mood with their own music.

The game features several environments like buildings, and roller coasters, as well as a variety of weapons such as chainsaws, dual pistols, combat shotguns, assault rifles, baseball bats, pick axes, sledgehammers and banjos. There are also a number of levels or chambers in the game, which again differs between iPhone and iPod Touch devices and other types of mobile devices. For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, there are 7 levels while there are only 4 for the rest of the mobile devices.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

The Zombieland mobile game may not be the most innovative mobile game available, but it involves zombies. For most of us, that is enough to consider a game worth buying. It gets an overall rating of 3 out of 5.

This game is available for download in iTunes at the price of $0.99.