Mech Hero Review - One of the best free mech games online

Mech Hero Review - One of the best free mech games online
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Mach Games Online: Mech Hero Basics (4 out of 5)

If you like free mech games online you will like Mech Hero which puts you in control of your own army of fighting machines. Resources are collected in the game and act as the games currency, although there is premium “credits” you can buy for more advanced features. The game features different mechs you can buy from scouts to full featured war machines and different technologies that unlock all the mechs and weapons in the game.. You can’t build everything in one base so this forces you to expand to new areas of the map. The game also features an AI system where you can assign your mechs to do things during combat such as fleeing if all the weapons on it or destroyed or targeting certain buildings in the opponents base. You can also upgrade older mechs to a newer mech model you have researched. The game features a few animation graphics during combat rounds too.

Mech Hero Economic System (4 out of 5)

Mech Hero

This mech game for the PC has a great economic system and uses crystals, gas, and cells to build everything in the game. You need energy to keep mechs running so this is one of your primary resource needs. As you develop your base your resource needs will increase so you have storage silos and other buildings that increase your production. Resources also become valuable currency allowing you to trade between other players in the game using the exchange post. You can build weapons for example and sell these for additional resources in the game. You can even make a building that will transform some resources you don’t need into ones you do need although this takes considerable time to accomplish. Using this recycling center you can recycle mechs and components too. Credits are available too in the game which can be used to access bonus features such as more buildings being produced at one time and you do get some free credits when you start.

Weapons Shields and Armor (4 out of 5)

Your mechs are also fully customizable with various weapons, shields and armor. The game uses a hard point system much like the Mechwarrior series so your mech can only hold so much equipment at one time. You have missiles, lasers, and other assorted weapons along with shields for your mechs. Using a research center you can upgrade technologies to unlock all the weapons in the game and sell the ones you don’t need on the exchange post.

Technology and Mechs (4 out of 5)

The game features many technologies that will require multiple cities until you reach the highest levels. This forces you to create cities that specialize in components. For example you can have one city make mechs, another make missiles and another do lasers or shielding. Each laboratory in your tech lab can upgrade a certain area so for example, the robotic workshop laboratory helps you to unlock the different mech types in the game. There are several mechs in the game from scouts like the Raptor to the Nova a six-legged fighting platform. There isn’t a huge selection here but it’s decent for a browser game.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Mech Hero is one of the best free mech games online with all the elements you would expect in a browser game done well. The game offers plenty of buildings that can be constructed and the battle system is quite good with the different options you can give your mechs in combat. It’s also fun to equip them with different weapons and armor just like in the Mechwarrior series. The developers are always adding new content such as a new chat system and interface changes. If you like mech games for the PC and miss games like Mechwarrior you’ll like Mech Hero.