Time Dreamer Game Hints and Tips

Time Dreamer Game Hints and Tips
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About the Time Dreamer Game

In Time Dreamer, you play a man who has woken up from a coma only to realize that his house is in ruins and his father died mysteriously. The story continues as a stranger shows up and tells you that you have a special ability to travel through time in your sleep. In this hidden object game, you play to uncover the clues that will lead you to finding out how your father died by travelling in time to the past, present and future. If you succeed, you may prevent this tragedy from happening at all.

Game Play

Time Dreamer

If you are familiar with hidden object games, play actions are consistent with other titles. Each area needs to be explored closely by moving the mouse to find puzzles, items and hidden object rooms. When the cursor turns into a magnifying glass, this is an area that needs close attention. An arrow icon indicates another room or section you can explore.

In hidden object rooms, a list of items to find are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Hints are available through an hourglass icon. You can use this as many times as needed since it will refresh constantly. However, the speed it refreshes depends on whether you are playing the game in Casual or Expert mode.

Certain items found in hidden object rooms and other areas are used as tools to solve puzzles and unlock other areas. These items are stored into your inventory that is identified by a silver box icon located at the bottom of the screen. Use these items by clicking on them and then clicking on the location where you want them to be placed.

To keep you on track with the game, a Diary (book icon) is used as a reference guide that includes all clues you have uncovered.

The Time Dreamer game has 8 chapters to play. Win after you have solved the mystery by finding all clues and completing the necessary tasks.

Game Hints and Tips

  • The Diary flashes whenever there is an update. Refer to it often to see your current tasks.
  • There is no time limit in the game. Explore each area carefully. If you are new to hidden object games, play in Casual Mode so you will have access to hints more often.
  • Mini-games (like picking locks) can be automatically solved by clicking on the Skip Meter button when it is completely highlighted.
  • The upper left hand corner of the screen displays an icon that lets you know that you are in the past, present or future time.
  • In Chapter two there is a task to turn on a light in a second floor room. To activate it, you will need a key to an electric service box and a package of gum. Both items are located by the plant that is next to the elevator. Take the key and go back outside the building. The electric service box is located in the middle of this screen. Use the key to unlock the box and place the gum under the switch that will not stay on. Once placed the power to the light will be restored.
  • To feed the rat in Chapter 6, just “use” the crackers in your inventory two times. Click on the cracker and then click on the rat. Repeat.

The screenshot images used in the Time Dreamer game article were created by Sheila Robinson.