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Guide to Shutter Island the Game

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Shutter Island is a movie and book based game about a missing person investigation. Use this brief guide to give you some details about the game and tips to help you solve a couple of puzzles.

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    About the Shutter Island Game

    Shutter Island Shutter Island is based on a movie that was released in 2010. In 1954, a patient named Rachel Solando has escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. You play a Federal Marshall Teddy Daniels who has been sent to investigate the case along with his partner Chuck Aule. It is a hidden object and puzzle solving game that involves a deep exploration of Shutter Island, which is filled with psycho patients, dark rooms with lightning and creepy mausoleums.

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    Basic Game Play

    Shutter Island screenshot The main focus of the game is hidden object finding tasks. As Teddy and his partner explore the island, clues are uncovered by finding specific items that are used as tools or helpful information.

    Hidden object areas display the needed items to find through a text list or shadow images. There is no time limit. Hints are provided to you by clicking a flashlight located at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can use the flashlight as many times as needed, but it is slow to refresh.

    As items are collected, some will simply disappear while others will appear in your tool inventory screen. When tools are needed, a widget icon will appear in a specific area of the scene. Circular gray icons will appear to note that items need to be placed in that location. Click on each item from your tool inventory (one at a time) and put them on the icon(s) to complete the task.

    For added challenge to the game, some areas will be dark, have flashing lightning or appear distorted with multiple colors blocking views temporarily.

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    Mini-Game Puzzle Solving

    In Shutter Island, there is a selection of mini-game puzzles to solve. Each one ties in with items you have found in hidden object locations. For instance, some rooms you may need to find a bunch of numbers. The puzzle that comes after will ask you to figure out a solution to addition and subtraction problems that will total the numbers you have located.

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    Game Tips

    • To see a description of any shadow image items needed for hidden object areas, highlight them with the mouse.
    • Items listed in red text indicate that they are needed by the character to complete a task. These items will always be stored into the tool inventory screen.
    • Clicking on incorrect places in hidden object scenes multiple times does not result in any penalty or cost.

    In the Generator room find the items in the following locations:

    • Cable Cutter – Located on the floor to the left of the fire extinguisher
    • Purse – Located by the red valve which is on top of the generator body.
    • Toolbox – On the left side of the switch panel
    • Pliers and Spade – Found to the right of the fire extinguisher
    • Wood Planer – Look under the junction box on the far right side
    • Wristwatch – Located on top of the junction box on the right side
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    Solution to Math Mini-Game Puzzle

    The math mini-game results after you have collected the following numbers in hidden object areas: 3, 4(two of these), 47, 67 and 80. While in the game, click on the numbers listed below and place them on the appropriate equation to get the correct solution:

    9 - 6 = 3, 1 + 3 = 4, 10 - 6 = 4, 32 +15 = 47,128 - 61 = 67, 58 + 22 = 80

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    Image Credit

    Screenshots images for the Guide to the Shutter Island Game were created by Sheila Robinson.