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How to Rebuild a City - Dragon Empire Game Tips

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Dragon Empire combines the challenge of match three puzzle solving and city building. Find out how to play and get a few basic tips about the game.

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    About Dragon Empire

    Dragon Empire After enemies destroyed your empire, you seek to rebuild and prosper in a new land. It is a match three puzzle game where resources and money will need to be collected to construct a new city.

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    How to Play

    Dragon Empire game In each level, create chain matches of three or more like items by clicking on adjacent pieces in a horizontal or vertical direction to remove the tile plaques that reside beneath them. All of the tile plaques must be destroyed before you run out of time.

    Each item on the board is a resource, bonus power up or barrier. Points and resources items are earned after every successful match. The Sakura branch tree keeps track of how much time you have left. If all of the leaves have fallen to the ground, the level ends and will need to be repeated.

    In between levels a results screen will display your total time, number of collected resources and any extra bonuses you may have earned.

    With the resources and gold you have accumulated, use them to purchase buildings for your new empire. Each building will require you to collect specific types of resources in the match three puzzle rounds. As each one is built, new resources, technology and culture items will become available on future levels.

    Dragon Empire appears to have no ending and can be played indefinitely. However, after level 100 the game boards start to repeat themselves.

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    Hints and Tips

    • You can earn 300 units of resources after successful completion of each level.
    • For each building you would like to construct, look at the resource requirements by highlighting them with your mouse. Then while you play the match three puzzles, focus on collecting these items.
    • Each purse icon gives you five units of money.
    • Strong Plaques are removed by creating two matches with like item icons.
    • A Fan gives you three units of culture. Bells give five units of culture.
    • The Sand Watch power up adds additional time to your current game level.
    • Remove locked tiles by matching its icon in a chain of three or more like items.
    • Tea Leaves give you five units of supplies.
    • As you build up your city, you increase in rank. At the beginning of the game, you start off as a “Peon”.
    • A Shurilan power up can destroy a single item on the game board.
    • Click on the eye icon at the bottom of the city building screen to view it without any menu icons.
    • To view the bonuses you receive from a building, highlight and right click with your mouse.
    • You can carry over unused power ups to other levels if not used.
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    Image Credit

    Screenshots for the Dragon Empire game were created by Sheila Robinson.