Cradle of Persia Game Hints and Tips

Cradle of Persia Game Hints and Tips
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About Cradle of Persia

Cradle of Persia is a combination of match three puzzle solving and city building. Your goal is to construct seven great cities by earning gold, supplies and food that are needed to make it a success.

How to Play

Cradle of Persia game

In each level, destroy all marble tiles on the game board by matching three or more like items in a chain. This is accomplished selecting them with a mouse and dragging it to across adjacent locations in horizontal or vertical directions.

Each item on the board is a supply, food or gold icon. As matches are created you will collect amounts of these items that will go to your inventory. After the level is completed, you can use these items to purchase buildings for your city. However, each building requires a specific amount of resources. Right click on the building to see what type of items you will need.

The game has 100 levels in a total of seven sections. Win after all of these levels have successfully been completed.

Hints and Tips

  • Dynamite is a power up that becomes available to you after the construction of one of the buildings in the beginning of the game. Match these icons to build up the power up panel. Once full you can use this ability to destroy a specific item or marble plaque on the board. You can also accumulate this panel further to obtain a higher of level dynamite that can damage larger areas of the board (4 levels maximum).
  • Each lumber icon on the board is equal to five units of supplies. Each fish icon is equal to five units of food.
  • Finish each level as fast as you can to earn bonus points and resources. In addition, try to create matches with the items you need most to purchase buildings for your city.
  • Earn an extra life after every 20,000 points.
  • The Clover power up can switch item icons into different types of your choice. When it is powered up to level 4 it can turn all of the icons on the board to a specific type.
  • Walls and boxes can be broken by creating chain matches adjacent to it.
  • Power ups can be carried over to other levels. You do not have to use it in your current level if it is not needed.
  • All buildings give you a different type of items. Some types will give supplies while others offer bonuses that will help with game play and performance.
  • As the game progresses, you move up in the Persian ranks. A new rank also results in playing a bonus level for extra points or items.
  • Dynamite power up is useful when match chains are difficult to create.
  • The Magic Wand bonus turns item icons into treasures that can be collected. When powered up to level 4 it can turn 11 random item icons into treasures.
  • If there are no more possible matches on the board, the game will mix the item icons randomly without loss of time or points.
  • The Lightning bolt can destroy up to twenty item icons when it is powered up to level 4.