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Tips and Hints for Surviving the Hell’s Kitchen Game

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Hell’s Kitchen game is inspired by the popular TV series where hopeful chefs aspire to become owners of their own restaurant. Discussed is basic game play and tips to help you survive and succeed in Gordon Ramsey’s version of hell.

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    About the Hell’s Kitchen Game

    Hells Kitchen game screenshot In Hell’s Kitchen you attempt to survive Gordon Ramsey’s rigorous boot camp training in the hopes of becoming a Five Star Chef. It is a time management game where culinary skills are mastered by preparing dishes using multiple foods and seasoning ingredients. Win the Hell’s Kitchen game and earn the title of Five Star Chef by successfully completing every level at an overall average rating or better.

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    How to Play

    Hells Kitchen game screenshot Every game round is divided between the dining room area and the kitchen. As customers arrive, you seat them at a table. A menu is then given and their order is taken.

    You then go to the kitchen by clicking on the “switch room” button. Orders are displayed and show the specific ingredients needed to prepare them. Select the appropriate food items to prepare them for cooking. When finished, they are placed on the stove and cooked for a specific amount of time which is displayed next to the cooking pan for each item.

    When the food is finished, click on the cooking pan and place the item(s) on the counter in the back of the room. Press the “switch room” button to go back to the dining room area.

    Take the food to your customer’s by clicking on the tray and then the appropriate dining room table. When the customer is finished, click on the table again to clear the dishes.

    Each round lasts for a specific amount of time. Your performance is then rated by Gordon Ramsey who will give encouraging and harsh criticizing comments. Rating ranges from poor to excellent. Poor performance will result in having to repeat a specific round over again.

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    Kitchen Tests

    On occasion, Gordon Ramsey will test your cooking skills. You will need to prepare dishes for the red and blue kitchen in a specific amount of time. At the end of these rounds you will be rated on your overall performance.

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    Game Hints and Tips

    • To minimize burning of food dishes, keep an eye on the time as it reaches zero. Immediately pull it off the stove and place it on the counter.
    • When there are multiple customers, don’t help them all at the same time. Let some of them wait for a little while or they may all lose patience waiting for their meal to arrive.
    • Before seating customers in the dining room, prepare food items for cooking ahead of time.
    • It is more important to have perfect (and unburned) dishes than to be too fast. Gordon Ramsey and the customer’s will have greater patience as a result.
    • Each level unlocked will give you one of Gordon Ramsey’s recipes that you can print out and use at home.
    • The game round ends once all desserts have been completed.
    • You can repeat completed rounds to improve your rating.
    • In kitchen tests try to focus on one kitchen at a time when preparing dishes. Alternate your efforts to the other kitchen after completion of at least one dish. Attempting to do both kitchens at once may result in burned dishes or added confusion.
    • While you are cooking, quickly go back to the dining room and seat or take orders from customers that have arrived by clicking on them. You don’t need to wait until these tasks are completed. Click on the “switch room” button to go back to the kitchen and finish with your cooking tasks.
    • Food dishes have different preparation times. Try to start the ones that have the longest times first. Then add the shorter timed items a few seconds later to coincide with the completion of the other dishes.
    • All dishes from the same table have to be completed before you can leave the kitchen to serve them.
    • If you burn a dish you will need to start over and prepare it again.
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    Image Credit

    The Hell's Kitchen game screenshots were taken by Sheila Robinson.