Review: Grepolis Browser Game – Unlease the Power of Greek Gods in Antiquity

Grepolis MMO Browser Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Greplois Browser Game

This ancient Greek style war game will remind players of Ikariam but without the cute cartoon style advisors. In Grepolis you start with just a senate building and need to construct your civilization from the ground up. Like many browser games you will start by building up your resource production, then your technology via the academy, and finally your military troops from the barracks. The game also brings you some Greek mythology after you build the temple where you can worship mythical gods. For example you could worship Zeus and bring the powerful Minotaur to life as a trainable unit. The Minotaur is strong offensively but the Manticore is strong offensively when you call upon Zeus. You can change strategies by worshiping different gods throughout the game depending upon what the situation calls for. Other gods such as Poseidon, Hera, and Athena are also available with their own mythical units. The game also uses research points that become available with a higher level academy which you can use to advance your technology.

Graphics and Interface (3 out of 5)

Grepolis Browser Game

Grepolis features some nice graphics for a browser style war game. You can see your city being built in the city overview screen. If you click on your senate building you will get a tree with all the available buildings you have. You an expand this tree to see what you still have left to build and what is required for each building. The top of the page displays the population of your city and the resources you have to work with. The left sidebar displays your messages, alliance forum, and reports. Your troops are displayed to the right along with the numbers you have available. Despite the great interface it is the map that unfortunately falls apart in this game. You start on an island surrounded by other players with both your city icon and flag being too small. When you scroll to other islands the map tends to load very slowly and it can be some time before you see all the cities. The map icons for cities need to be bigger and the loading time needs improvement. Once the map loads you can click on individual cities and decide what strategy you want such as attack, trade, support, or enact divine powers from gods.

Technology (5 out of 5)

Grepolis Browser Game

Grepolis features a great technology tree that you can access once you have built the academy. To conduct research you need points with four being available for each upgrade of your academy. Some research will take more than four points so you will need additional academies once you have another city to research everything in the game. The first upgrades you will want is military units so most of your academy upgrade points should go into those. You won’t be able to take other island cities without a good mix of soldiers and ships. There are other technology upgrades such as the plow and crane which boost your economic production. Upgrades not only take points but resources and time as well.

Temple And The Gods (5 out of 5)

Greplois Browser Game

Once you have a temple built gods will become available. There are four gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera and Athena. Each god can call upon two mythical units and four different define powers. For example Zeus can call the Minotaur and the Manticore. The define powers of Zeus include define signs where the city receives a chariot while the bolt power damages an enemy building. Fair wind increases the attack power of ships by ten percent and Zeus’ rage destroys up to thirty percent of an enemies land units. Worshiping gods at the temple can provide a powerful boost for your civilization and throughout the game you can change to a different god when it’s required. So for example if you need wood you could switch to worshiping Poseidon and get eight hundred wood through the kingly gift define power. The power of the gods are well worth exploring further. You an visit the great Greplois wiki page for more information on them.


Grepolis is an impressive browser war game with lots of great features. The technology tree is great and the interface is easy to use. The map does need some work because the icons are too small and it’s frustrating to work with. Using the gods in the game can bring some additional strategy since you don’t know which god the other player is going to use to try and counter your moves. Greplois is available in multiple languages and has a great wiki page too. This is one browser game that shows tremedous potential and is one worth playing despite the poor map.