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Free The Mighty B! Computer Games for Kids

by: Laura Jean Karr ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Bessie Higgenbottom brings girl power to Nickelodeon in their popular animated show The Might B!. In addition to the show, Nickelodeon online offers free kids games featuring Bessie that showcase some of her adventures in San Fransisco.

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    About The Mighty B! Animated Show

    kids computer games,nickelodeon computer games The animated character of Bessie Higgenbottom is partially based on a character that Amy Poehler created while with Second City. Amy co-created the animated series for Nickelodeon back in 2008. The show was called The Mighty B! and became so popular during its first season with the network that the show was renewed and is currently airing.

    The show is centered on Bessie Higgenbottom, a ten year old girl living in San Fransisco with her brother Ben and single mother Hillary. Bessie is a member of the Honeybee scouts who have an on going rival with the Dragonflies, another area scouting group. Bessie is convinced that if she collects every Honeybee badge ever she will then become the super hero The Mighty B! Her trusty, if sometimes reluctant sidekick is her found dog that she named Happy.

    Nickelodeon often creates and offers free computer games based on their more popular shows. The Mighty B! is one of those shows that has garnered enough popularity to have eight kids games currently online through the Nickelodeon website. Here we take a look at the top four of those free computer games, one of which is the brand new Mighty Dreams multi-level Bessie Higgenbottom game.

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    Mighty Dreams

    free cartoon games,cartoon computer games In this new computer game, kids get to play Bessie who is fast asleep and making her way through dreamland. Bessie is on the hunt to collect as many Honeybee badges as she can through different stages of dreaming. The first stage begins with Bessie hang-gliding through the skies of San Fransisco, where she must avoid birds and kites to collect the many floating badges in the air.

    Once Bessie makes it through the skies, she then ends up rocket-water skiing through the bay while jumping sharks and collecting more badges. All in all, Bessie has to make it through three rotating levels and can only move on to the next level if she collects enough badges. The game is arrow key and spacebar controlled. Check out this new The Might B! game by clicking through here: Mighty Dreams

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    Pier 13 Thowdown

    kids computer games,free games for kids online The Dragonflies have planned an ambush to get the Honeybees down at Pier 13 in Fisherman's Wharf. Bessie recognizes what's going on and declares a thowdown right then and there. This game is called a thowdown instead of a "throwdown" because Bessie is missing her two front teeth and has a bit of a lisp.

    In order to defeat the Dragonflies, Bessie has to go up against several rival scouting girls one at a time. The weapon of choice for each side is soda pop and the goal is to soak the other girl with spurts of soda. Taking hits of soda can decrease your life and if you don't keep Bessie's life up she'll lose the battle and the Dragonflies will have beaten the Honeybees. The game is arrow keyed and spacebar controlled. Get started in the battle by clicking through here: Pier 13 Thowdown

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    Chelsea's Challenge

    computer games,kids free games In this computer game, kids again get to play Bessie as she rides a dolphin through the bay. Chelsea is on Alcatraz island and she has left her yogurt behind. Bessie wants to get Chelsea's yogurt to her but has to beat the Dragonflies to the island to do it. The Dragonflies have chartered a boat to get to the island and Bessie is helped out by her dolphin friend in an effort to beat the boats time.

    Bessie has several obstacles in the bay, from oil spills and buoys to the Dragonflies randomly putting oars in the water to block Bessie's way to the island. Bessie can get her dolphin to go faster by letting him eat fresh mackerel for a power up. This game is arrow key controlled with the use of the spacebar to maximize the dolphin power up. Try getting Chelsea her yogurt and beat the Dragonflies by clicking through here: Chelsea's Challenge

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    Buzz Around Town

    mighty b computer games,free cartoon computer games In the free Buzz Around Town kids computer game, kids get to play Bessie as she navigates her way through the streets of San Fransisco. Bessie's on a mission to collect three hidden badges in each level of this game. Obstacles that get in Bessie's way include cranky cats, air vents and Portia. Juice boxes are lined up through each level to give Bessie extra points.

    Stun enemies with spit balls to get past them and gain as many points as you can in each level. Miss the hidden badges or the points available and Bessie will lose out and the game will start back at level one. This game is arrow key andspacebar controlled. Check this game out by clicking through here: Buzz Around Town