Exteel MMORPG - Weapon Guide For Beginners

Exteel MMORPG - Weapon Guide For Beginners
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Weapons Even The NRA Fears

Maybe you’ve heard of the giant-mech combat game Exteel and wanted to try your hand at it? Well, if you did you might have noticed that the game has an awesome array of weapons to choose from, similar to Operation 7 and Combat Arms. And, one of the coolest aspects of Exteel is that newbies can gain all sorts of awesome weaponry right at the beginning of the game. If you have enough cash it’s sometimes an overwhelming task of heading into the store and seeing all those awesome looking weapons and not knowing exactly which one to buy or for what reasons. And while there are descriptors and stats available within the in-game store, they don’t really explain the performance of the weapon. So, you’re in luck because this beginner’s guide will help break down some of the basic descriptions of the weapons and what to look for when heading into certain combat situations.

A Beginner’s Best Friend Is Dual SMGs

Two SMGs are like a newb’s best friend

The starting weapons in Exteel are perfect for new players because it sets them up with just about everything that’s needed to combat foes and, at the same time, play defensively. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that even in the newbie restricted rooms the dual SMGs will still come off as seeming useless. Nevertheless, much like the starting weapons in Gunz: The Duel, it’s best to stick with them until you can rack up at least 15,000 credits in order to purchase something more powerful.

What makes the SMGs useful for beginners is that they deal limited damage at a distance and allow for players to keep a distance while laying waste to enemies. In some cases players will separate the SMGs and use a shield in one hand and an SMG in the other, or equip a sword in one hand and an SMG in the other hand. I don’t recommend this setting for players under level 9 (or with less than 50,000 credits to spend on the appropriate equipment) because a single, beginner-level SMG is just far too weak to deal any sort of meaningful damage by itself. Ultimately, players will waste a lot of time shooting at foes who just won’t seem to die. Instead, stick with the dual SMGs until enough credits are earned to purchase something more damaging.

The Sword And Shield Explained

Who said swords are useless against guns?

Take note that sword and shields together aren’t a bad combination, but also note that unlike Gunz, blocking does not prevent the mech from taking damage. Instead, when players block it defers a percentage of the damage to the shield’s durability. The newb shield that players start with is almost completely useless and players should never rely on it entirely to defend. Higher level shields are much more useful in combat and are actually better when paired with a rifle, shotgun or a high level SMG.

Swords, spears and blades are very useful for about every kind of close-quarter situation. For players wondering what the differences are between each one it’s quite simple but important: Spears are good for one-on-one melee encounters and work really well with jumping attacks. They’re best combined with shields. Swords are also good for one-on-one battles but they also have three-hit combos that players can use to deal extra damage to opponents. Lightsabers or backhand blades are the most dangerous of the three and can attack multiple opponents at once, dealing tons of damage. The blades or lightsabers are also the most expensive. So keep that in mind when purchasing one.

Shotguns And Rifles

Rifles are perfect for long range shots

This may come as a surprise to many gamers, but the rifles and shotguns are some of the most skill-based weapons to master in the game. Unlike most other shooter games (i.e., Modern Warfare, Battlefield, etc.,) where rifles are the most standard, evenly balanced and some of the faster shooter weapons in the game, it’s a little different in Exteel. Instead, rifles are more precision oriented weapons with only a few offering rapid fire capabilities. You can’t head into Exteel, buy a 15,000 credit rifle and expect it to handle like the Battle Rifle on Halo. It’s definitely not like that in this game. Rifles fire in timed intervals and usually have a high-rate of over-heating, although this comes in favor of them being very accurate and capable of taking down targets from a distance.

Shotguns, on the other hand, deal tons of damage but at an extremely close range. It’s not possible to snipe or tackle long range targets using a single or dual set of shotguns but up close the SGs pack an enormous punch. Usually, advanced players combine a shotgun with an SMG or a melee weapon, as it helps balance out long-range projectiles versus opponents who get too close.

Cannons And Rocket Launchers

Even newb cannons look dangerous

One of the most popular and advanced set of weapons on the game include the rocket launchers and the cannons. Let’s just say, the big boys play with these tools.

Beginners will have an extremely difficult time adjusting to using cannons because most of them require players to stop, adjust their aim and then fire. During heated battles this can become burdensome to most players and usually results in opponents running in close with a melee weapon and laying waste to a newbie with the big cannon.

Cannons are best used as support weapons. They have long range capabilities and do mammoths amount of damage. Often times the cannon-type weapons are best used when perched atop a structure or tower. The best kind of cannon is the kind that has auto-targeting options, which makes it much easier to use for new players.

There are a variety of rocket launchers, some of which work similar to cannons where it’s required to stand still and aim before firing. There are, however, more rocket launchers that allow users to run around and fire at the same time…these kind of launchers can deal equal amounts of devastating damage but usually require precision aiming. A rocket launcher is a great secondary weapon for team deathmatch or the capture the flag mode.

Picking The Right Skills

This skill literally puts opponents on their knees

Skills play an extremely important role in Exteel due to their ability to throw opponents off their game or attack multiple opponents at once. It’s important to know; first and foremost, what kind of skills will suit your playing style. Is it important to have skills that deal a lot of damage with slow cool-down or use something that allows your mech to attack as many opponents as possible?

Before picking a skill be sure to have your weapon selection ironed out first and then choose skills tailored around the weapons you prefer to use. This way if you don’t like a skill you don’t have to worry about switching guns/swords/spears to suit your skill selection. Also, take note that the more powerful the skill the longer the cool-down will be and it will consume more SP. So it’s something to balance when picking and choosing skills in Exteel.

If you still need more info on the game be sure to visit the Official Website.