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Darksiders PS3 Trophy Guide

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

If you’ve been playing Darksiders on the PS3 and you are looking to unlock all of the Darksiders trophies then check out this guide for a complete list of trophies with tips on how to earn them.

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    Darksiders on the PS3

    Set in a ravaged post-apocalyptic world rife with demons, Darksiders is an epic action adventure title. The production values are high, the story is engaging and the action offers a satisfying mixture of familiar gameplay from various other titles. The whole package is well crafted and it makes for an enjoyable gaming experience. If you ever fancied the idea of going to war with hell you can mount up as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and get to work here.

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    Darksiders Trophies

    Darksiders PS3 Cover This Darksiders guide lists every trophy in the PlayStation 3 version. There are 43 trophies in Darksiders in total and most of them can be unlocked simply by advancing through the game. We'll provide a few Darksiders tips to help you collect them all. They break down as follows:

    • 26 Bronze Trophies
    • 13 Silver Trophies
    • 3 Gold Trophies
    • 1 Platinum Trophy
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    Darksiders Bronze Trophies - Progression

    • Prison Break – Free Samael from his prison.
    • You’ll unlock this trophy as you progress by following instructions and freeing Samael.
    • Death Dealer – Meet Vulgrim.
    • You’ll meet Vulgrim at the Crossroads where he’ll pop up in a cut scene.
    • One Tough Cookie – Meet Ulthane.
    • Ulthane will fight you in Anvil’s Ford use Chaos Form and hit him to trigger a cut scene and get the trophy.
    • To Move a Mountain – Collect the Earthcaller.
    • Kill enemies until you have 500 blue souls and then give them to Vulgrim.
    • Reach Out and Touch Somebody – Collect the Abyssal Chain.
    • You’ll find this in the Iron Canopy.
    • Into the Void – Collect the Voidwalker.
    • You’ll find this in the Black Throne.
    • Elemental Thief – Collect the Crossblade.
    • You’ll find this in the Twilight Cathedral.
    • Sight Beyond Sight – Collect the Mask of Shadows.
    • You’ll get this during a cut scene in Eden when you talk to Azrael.
    • Darksiders Screenshot 3 Tremor Bringer – Collect the Tremor Gauntlet.
    • You’ll find this in the Hollows.
    • An Old Friend – Collect Mercy.
    • There will be a cut scene after you defeat the Griever and Ulthane will give the weapon.
    • Reaper – Collect the Scythe.
    • Buy it in Vulgrim’s shop for 1,000 souls.
    • Wrath Machine – Collect all the Wrath Powers.
    • You just need to buy level 1 of each Wrath Power (Blade Geyser, Stoneskin, Immolation, and Affliction) to get this trophy.
    • Reunited – Obtain Ruin.
    • You’ll get Ruin back in the Ashlands if you defeat the Abyssal Gladiator.
    • Don’t Make Me Angry – Collect the Chaos Form ability.
    • Kill Tiamat and take the heart and you’ll get a Samael cut scene shortly thereafter which unleashes Chaos Form.
    • Chasm Jumper – Gain the Shadowflight ability.
    • Free Samael and he’ll give you this power.
    • Time Lapse – Gain the Chronomancer ability.
    • Kill the Griever and take the heart and you’ll get a Samael cut scene shortly thereafter which grants the power of the Chronomancer.
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    Darksiders Bronze Trophies - Combat

    • Darksiders Screenshot Who’s Counting? – Defeat more angels than Uthane.
    • Focus on killing the angels that Uthane is attacking to steal them, use Chaos From and grab the big cannon that one of the angels drops. If you don’t get this first time you’ll need to reload and play it again.
    • Devastator – Kill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack.
    • You’ll probably earn this trophy in the Choking Grounds or on the Iron Canopy spiders and it’s easier to get if you have Blade Geyser Level 2.
    • Aerial Predator – Kill 160 enemies while on the Angelic Beast.
    • You have to kill 160 as you fly from Twilight Cathedral to the Broken Stair. Hold R2 down and target multiple enemies then release and just keep doing that until you hit the target number. If you don’t get this first time you’ll need to reload and play it again.
    • High Flyer – Kill five Duskbats without touching the ground.
    • Make sure there are five duskbats in view and jump then kill repeatedly until you get all five without touching down. You should be able to use Circle only but if you need to glide between use X. This is best done on Shadow Arena: The Gory End. If you don’t get this first time you’ll need to reload and play it again.
    • Improvised Kills – Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment.
    • Once again the Iron Canopy spiders are the easiest target for this trophy but you can get it elsewhere.
    • Open Air Parking – Destroy a helicopter with a car during the Apocalypse.
    • You should get this right at the start of the game. If you don’t get this first time you’ll need to reload and play it again.
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    Darksiders Secret Bronze Trophies

    • Slayer – Kill 666 demons.
    • You’ll get this naturally during a play through of the game on any difficulty.
    • River of Blood – Shed 3,000 gallons of demon blood.
    • You can check how much blood you have shed in Stats. You will probably get this during a normal play through on any difficulty.
    • Dark Rider – Ride for 100 miles.
    • Ride a total of 100 miles on your horse in a single play through of the game. This will take a while to do.
    • Horseman – Kill 150 demons from horseback.
    • The best place to do this is the Crossroads level but there are plenty of other opportunities.
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    Darksiders Silver Trophies

    • Darksiders Screenshot 2 Like a Bat Out of Hell – Defeat Tiamat
    • Kill Tiamat, the first boss you face, to win this trophy.
    • Rocked Your Face Off – Defeat the Griever.
    • Kill the boss called the Griever to get this trophy.
    • Ashes to Ashes – Defeat the Stygian.
    • Kill the Stygian boss to win this trophy.
    • One Mean Mother – Defeat Silitha.
    • Kill the boss called Silitha to get this trophy.
    • Payback’s a B**** - Defeat Straga.
    • Kill the Straga boss to win this trophy.
    • The Final Challenger? – Defeat the Destroyer.
    • Kill the Destroyer boss to win this trophy.
    • Full Power – Collect the maximum amount of lifestones.
    • You need to beat the five bosses and collect the five life shards to get this trophy.
    • Wrath of War – Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores.
    • You need to collect all the wrath cores and wrath shards to get this trophy. You can buy a wrath core for 10,000 souls from Vulgrim and a wrath shard for 2,500 souls. The rest are hidden throughout the game and there are 23 in total (including those you buy).
    • Legendary Form – Collect the Abyssum Armor Set.
    • Collect all 10 pieces of the Abyssum Armor to get this trophy.
    • Battle Hardened – Max out all weapons and unlock all combat moves.
    • Buy everything you can from Vulgrim up to maximum rank. Weapons level up based on the amount of hits you do with them.
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    Darksiders Secret Silver Trophies

    • Treasure Hunter – Search 150 chests.
    • Make sure you search every chest you find in the game.
    • Ultimate Blade – Forge the Armageddon Blade.
    • Collect all the bits and forge the blade.
    • World Raider – Collect all 27 artifacts.
    • Collect all the artifacts, some are easy and some are tough so this is liable to take you a while.
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    Darksiders Gold and Platinum Trophies

    • You Call That Easy? – Defeat the game on Easy difficulty.
    • Complete the game on easy difficulty to win this Gold Darksiders trophy.
    • Balance Restored – Defeat the game on Normal difficulty.
    • Complete the game on normal difficulty and you will also unlock the easy trophy.
    • The True Horseman – Defeat the game on Apocalyptic difficulty.
    • Complete the game on apocalyptic difficulty and you will also unlock the easy and normal trophy.
    • BFA – Unlock everything.
    • Unlock all trophies in the game and you’ll get this Platinum trophy.

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