BiteFight: The City

BiteFight: The City
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Becoming a ghoulish creature is so much fun

BiteFight is the vampire and werewolf RPG developed by Gameforge. You can choose which deadly monster you want to be and start working your way up to undead glory. You can play the game on their host site (see the resource section for the link) or through your Facebook account as an application on the social network site.

The City in BiteFight is really cool- you can spend hours exploring the many options offered to you there. Everything from selling your weapons to other players to healing your wounds inside a church can be found in the City. This guide will show all the places you can go and what you can do there.

The City

The City

  • Voodoo Shop: In the Voodoo Shop you can purchase Hellstones with real-world money. With Hellstones you can do things such as change your avatar’s appearance or become a Shadow Lord. Being a Shadow Lord gives you benefits like no in-game ads and it will reduce the time you have to wait to hunt again from 15 minutes to 5. You also automatically receive gold every time you sign on equal to 12 hours of work at the graveyard.
  • Library: At the library a forger awaits you if you’d like to change your name. Whether you simply don’t like the name you chose when you signed up, or you’ve become so infamous amongst other creatures of the night that they are constantly attacking you, these documents can give you the fresh beginning you’re looking for.
  • Tavern: Here you can pick up some quests to do that will earn you extra gold and experience. You do not have to accept the quests you are offered, and can be given a new one if you don’t like the one you’re first presented with.
  • Merchant: The merchant has tons of goods waiting for you to purchase with your gold (and sometimes hellstones). He has weapons, armour, helmets, sheilds, potions and more. Once you upgrade items you possess, like your weapon, you can also sell your unused items back to the merchant. You only get a small percentage of the original sale price though.
  • House of Pain: You can register your name in the Book of Shadows, but you must be careful to follow their rules…you are not allowed to talk about the Book of Shadows and all its mystery. Only players that are registered in the book can attack each other. You can always request to have your name removed from the Book of Shadows, but it takes 24 hours for the change to take effect.

The forger at the library

  • The Church: There is a reverend at the church waiting to take care of any nasty wounds that you got in battle, but you do have to pay a small amount of gold to heal. The reverend will bless your wounds and will put a bandage on them. You can heal up to a maximum of 75%.

  • The Graveyard: At the graveyard you can pick up a work shift from 1 to 8 hours and earn some gold. As you level up in the game your hourly wage increases. It’s always a good idea to go to work before you leave the game, that way you will have some gold waiting for you when you sign back on.

  • The Grotto: In the grotto you can find monsters to fight. You will go on a hunt for a daemon and can choose to search for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. It will cost you 10 gold to go on a hunt in the grotto, but often times you come back with some serious gold. Keep in mind that hunting in the grotto counts against your daily hunting time of 2 hours, but it is usually the best way to use your time as manhunts and going up against other players doesn’t give you nearly as much gold as daemon hunting does (if you win, of course). Also remember to keep upgrading your stats by training- this will help you win more battles.

  • The Market: The Market is the place to go when you want to haggle over some items you want, or would like to sell yourself. Other players can offer you their unused items for a price that they set. You may also buy items at the market that are above your level, however you cannot use them or sell them until you have reached said level. And although you can sell things at the market, they can only be items that you bought from the merchant. If you wish to sell a item that you bought at the market then you will need to take to the merchant.

    The merchant

Make the most out of the City

Have fun exploring the city, take your time and you’ll soon find your favorite place to visit. It adds a whole different element to the game, making it more interesting by incorporating things like a place to buy and sell weapons and being able to go to work. In many ways it’s the City in BiteFight that makes this free RPG stand out.

Utilize the many cool features of the City and watch as your power grows- in BiteFight you get to become the kind of creature that nightmares are made of.

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