Tournament Games: Free Online Games Of Skill Where You Can Win Real Cash

The website is called Tournament Games. Now you do have to download the game console and each game that you want to play, but the download is fast and it only takes up a little more than 20K of memory with all of the games loaded.

You can play games like Pinball Bingo and TG Pool, or there are several types of hyped up Solitaire games and Mahjong type block games. These aren’t your typical card games, either. They are timed, fast paced games with sounds and bonuses. The best part is that you play the games against other people in real time.

Now they don’t have any kind of chat features at this time, so you don’t actually communicate with the other players, but you don’t have time to chat during these games anyway. The way you play against others is tournament style. A game may allow 20 entries. Once those 20 games have been played a winner is posted and the game ends. Then a new game starts. You can enter a game as many times as you want, each time you start to play it counts as a new entry.

You don’t have to pay for Tournament Games, there are free games to play that are just like the paid games, but you have the option of depositing real money and winning real money for each tournament that you win. Tournament Games will even give you $10 free to get you started. And these are games of skill, so it is not online gambling, which is illegal in many places. Skill games are perfectly legal and legitimate. If you win you can cash out your winnings and they send you a check in the mail. It’s as simple as that.

Before you play the paid games, though, you should practice on the free practice games to get good at them. Then you can start with some of the penny or nickel games and work your way up to the dollar and five dollar games if you like. Or, you can just go straight for the ten dollar games and try to win the big money.

Don’t expect to win huge money at Tournament games, though. You can double or triple your money fairly easily once you get good at a couple of games, but the prizes aren’t huge amounts. There are a few prizes that are over $100, but some of them pay the top five players, so watch for that before you get too excited about coming in first place, or too bummed about coming in second. The free games don’t pay anything except the satisfaction of winning the tournaments, and of course the fun of playing them.