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Scarface: The World Is Yours PS2 Game: Cheating Your Way to Bloody Glory

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

"Meet my little friend" is how your day starts when you're Scarface. There are people to meet and people to kill. A lot of killing might be necessary if you're to win the world in this PS2 game. No need to play fair either - you're Scarface, after all. So cheating is just the right move to make.

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    Meet My Little Friend

    Scarface doesn't have time to waste - so he cheats. Just like you, winning is everything and the only way this PS2 game can justify The World Is Yours is to do whatever it takes to win. Here's a few good ways to make sure you're not facing the business end of your little "friend".

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    Tony's On the Move

    Scarface Unlock these passwords to improve the odds and increase Tony's and your chances of success. Just pause the game, select "Cheats" and enter in the following:

    GOBALLS - Increase the Gang Heat

    AMMO - Maximize the ammo situation

    BLUESH - Blue suit Tony up for the day and add a pair of sunglasses

    TUNEME - Start "The World Is Yours" soundtrack playing to pump Tony up

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    Driving Around Can Be Dangerous

    Weapons  Tony can't get around town on foot. But he can't do much if the vehicle he's in can't handle the heat. Pause the game, Select "Cheats" and use these to make the difference between getting from point A to B, and just lying face down in the gutter. You might have the money to buy and repair transportation, but it's just more satisfying to cheat instead:

    TBURGLR - Repairs Tony's vehicle

    DOZER - Spawns a Bulldozer (no it has nothing to do with Ghostbusters)

    OLDFAST - Spawns an Ariel MK III

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    Everybody Talks About the Weather...

    Weather Everybody talks about the weather, but now you can do something about it with these cheats:

    RAINY - Start the drizzle going and let it pour

    MARTHA - Change the time of day to confuse your enemies

    SHAZAAM - Call Captain Marvel's lightning down for a visit

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    Want More?

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