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Shining Force Hints and Secrets

by: Doctor Awesome ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Shining Force is a tactical roleplaying game originally released for the Sega Genesis in 1992. As with most older games, it's pretty challenging, which is why we're here to help with these hints and secrets.

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    Shining Force is Classic

    shiningforce Shining Force is an absolute classic in the tactical RPG genre, outshined only by its sequel. And it's a virtual console title, so it's dirt cheap. Everybody should experience it, but we here at Brighthub realize that your skills may have been softened by today's easier games. Not to worry, as I've come to the rescue with some helpful Shining Force secrets and hints.

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    This one is the only actually cheat of the bunch, but it's easy to pull off and gives you a nice little boost. Enter SEGA as your name and you'll begin with +1 HP and +1 MP.

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    shiningforce1 In battle 11, hidden in the cliff where the snipers are, you'll find an item called the Kitui Huku. Give this to Anri to unlock Anri's bikini.

    There's a tricky way to name every character in the game. Start a new game and name your character. Before moving on, highlight end, then hold A, B, and C on controller two and press Start. On controller one, press A, C, and Start. This will cause a new character to appear. Name that character and another one will appear, and so on and so forth, until you've named every character in the game.

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    Secrets and Hints

    These are cheats or unlockables, but more Shining Force secrets and hints that should help you along.

    Get Jogurt to join your team.

    You meet Jogurt in chapter 1, where you can talk to him. There's a way to get him to join your team in chapter 4. When in Pao Town 1, before the caravan moves, go to the priest's hut in the northwest area of town. Once inside, walk along the west wall until you see Jogurt in the top left corner of the screen, where he'll be flapping his arms, trying to fly. Once he's done flapping, he'll join your team.

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    shiningforce2 Get the Jogurt Ring

    In the battle against Elliot, kill the lower artillery next to Elliot using Jogurt and you'll get the Jogurt ring.

    Bikini Clad Tao

    When you enter the cave where you get Zylo and the moonstone, check the walls for the sugoi mizugi. Once you get it, give it to Tao and then go to headquarters. When you enter your next battle, Tao should be wearing a bikini.

    Unlimited Fire Axes

    In the battle with Elliot, there's a lizard man wielding a fire axe. Kill him (from a distance, getting close is dangerous) with at least one empty item box to get his axe. Give the axe to Like or Gort after they're promoted. Use the Egress spell to come back and do it all over again, giving you access to unlimited fire axes.

    Secret Moonstone

    In chapter 4, the first battle will take place on a ship. Use a flier to search the wood to the left of the figure head and you should find a hidden moonstone.

    shiningforce3 Turn everyone into dogs.

    There's a trick to turning everyone in your current group into dogs for a single battle. Get Jogurt to join your team (I explain how above) and have him kill someone. He'll receive a ring, which you can equip someone with to turn them into a dog. Afterwards, unequip the ring and they'll stay a dog. You can then take turns equipping and unequipping everyone in your party until you're leading a pack of dogs.

    Extra EXP

    Egress comes in handy a few times! To use it to get a lot of EXP, enter a battle, kill a few enemies, and then use Egress to exit. You'll keep the EXP you gained and you'll be able to repeat the same battle, for even more EXP.

    Now, if you're a real hardcore gamer, go off and conquer Shining Force!