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Mr. Driller Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Mr. Driller is a shallow and simple Wii puzzle video game that's entertaining and enjoyable for kids and casual gamers but hardcore gamers will be bored. Mr. Driller is a fast paced adventure that doesn't have enough depth and game play variety to sustain the entertainment value for long.

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    Mr. Driller

    Mr. Driller for the Wii 

    Mr. Driller implements a musical score similar to the Dig-Dug video game by Nanco Bandai to enhance the game play of this Wii puzzle video game. A fast paced Wii puzzle video game for all ages and types of gamers, but not one that most hardcore gamers are going to embrace fully. The downward spiral of playing Mr. Driller can be an engrossing and addictive activity if you get it. This Wii video game is only $8 to purchase and this is an excellent price for the entertainment value contained in this title. This Wii video game does need a little more meat to the game play for it to entertaining for hardcore gamers Wii gamers to spend time playing

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    Do the Controls Included With Mr. Driller Work?

    Mr. Driller entertains the kids 

    Mr. Driller can be played with the classic motion control scheme or a GameCube controller and both work well enough to make this Wii action video game fun and enjoyable. They have retained lots of the original arcade video game controls, you move with your d-pad or analog stick, and press a button to dig. All the motion controls worked well and there weren't any major Wii remote accidents or disasters experienced during the game play. They also didn't implement the Wii MotionPlus in the control scheme and it might have improved the game play significantly, considering the power of the Wii MotionPlus to enhance the responsiveness of Wii controls.

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    Does Mr. Driller Have Outstanding Graphical Presentation?

    Mr. Driller includes a bright and colorful presentation with blocks that are clearly defined and easy to see. The character designs are great for entertaining kids and even casual gamers looking for a fun and satisfying Wii puzzle video game. The special abilities of the characters are nice to view and add significantly to the visual presentation while playing this video game. This Japanese video game has the charm and quirkiness in its visual presentation that Japanese gamers love, with wacky cartoon characters and eye-catching screens.

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    Is the Game Play Included with Mr. Driller Entertaining?

    Mr. Driller invites your kids to a party 

    Mr. Driller has fast paced game play that tasks you with digging through candy colored layers of earth, while being careful not to run out of air and or get crushed by the falling debris from above you. The same color blocks will cling to one another and you need to use this fact to keep from being crushed as you play. If you join at least 4 blocks together they'll disappear. This will cause a chain reaction in the soil that will cause additional area of the screen to disappear.

    Once you reach the basement of a level, you'll unlock other challenges that provide additional game play elements and depth. There are a total of 7 levels to play through and a tutorial-like level that helps to introduce you to the game play. It only took me about an hour to finish all the levels of this Wii puzzle video game but it will take a casual or younger gamer longer.

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    How Does Mr. Driller Sound?

    Mr. Driller is a simple but entertaining video game 

    Mr. Driller has a musical score that sounds almost exactly like the musical score of Dig-Dug but this isn't a bad thing. The sound track does veer from genre to genre like a schizophrenic orchestra but the music is entertaining and enjoyable on the senses. All of the six playable characters that are included have their own unique sounding voices. The voice actors did a pretty good job making them interesting and varied enough to entertain, with comical lines and voices that will make you laugh while playing this Wii video game.

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    A Few Last Words on Mr. Driller

    Mr. Driller is an adorable and charming Wii puzzle video game that has been developed to entertain the casual Wii gamer and younger crowd. It's shallow in areas of the game play and doesn't include many features hardcore Wii gamers have come to expect but casual gamers won't notice the omissions. The game play of Mr. Driller is going to addict a percentage of the gamers who play this video game and create an audience for future titles in this series.