Storm the House 3 Guide for Beginners

Storm the House 3 Guide for Beginners
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Storm the House 3

In the first Storm the House Flash game created by developer Ivory Boy players were summoned to defend a building against an army of intruders. This third installment of the series is crammed with upgrades. The game series primitive mob of sword slinging stick figures has transformed into a more sophisticated gang of assailants. Players also have a diverse inventory of weaponry and options to aid in battle. Users have the choice of starting the challenging 40 Day Campaign or indulging in one of the six cool mini games included. Fans of online shooter and action games will get plenty of rounds in this fun flash.

Slaughter the Masses

Storm the House Weapon Upgrade - online shooter

For those not familiar with the series, Storm the House 3 is a free shooter game with a very clear-cut objective - Stay alive! A stone-brick fortress and a wall is your territory. Hundreds of armed men will race towards your wall stabbing at it in effort to break through. You have to stop them. Shoot the men before they get to your wall. If too many get to your wall, you’re dead. Each level equals a day. In the 40 Day Campaign players have 40 challenging levels to clear. Mode options include Easy, Normal, Hard, and Why God!? The troops increase in speed and numbers with each stage. Various badges can be earned throughout the game as well. They vary from the honorable Fist of Fury Badge to the Zombocalyptic Extravaganza Badge.

Storm the House 3 - games to play

In the Storm the House 3 game players earn cash for completing days or levels. This money can be used to purchase weapons, upgrades, and other options for defense. During the 40 Day Campaign players start out with the Desert Eagle gun. An upgrade on the weapon’s ammunition, accuracy, and reload rate is available. More powerful models like a machine gun or grenade launcher are options as well. At the start of each day players have the option to repair their house, upgrade the wall, hire additional gunmen to assist or a repairman. Tower options lets players buy secret weapons like the Telsa Tower which strikes bolts of electricity to kill enemies within range or the man named Flamer Joe that sets people on fire for $5,000.

This Is Sparta to Zombocalypse

This Is Sparta Screenshot - Storm the House 3 Game

Another cool feature in Storm the House 3 is the mini-games. There are six bonus games including Capture the Flag, This is Sparta, Zombocalypse, The Entertainer, McJeeppunch, and the Sandbox. In Capture the Flag there are two flags. Stop the men from carrying your flag to the wall line by shooting them. Players start off with $70,000 to upgrade any way they want. You begin with $120,000 for upgrades in This is Sparta game. The main objective is to kill 300 Spartans before they get close to you. Zombocalypse is an intense game where mobs of men are quickly coming at you. Last three minutes in the chaos and you win.

Storm the House 3 - free shooter game

In the Entertainer notes sound as you blast at enemy invaders. Kill them at the right spot and beautiful music will be heard. McJeeppunch is different from the other games. Instead of firing a weapon you control a giant arm as it punches at the ground. Try to smash as man men cruising around in jeeps as you possibly can. In the Sandbox game players get to experience the thrill of using a Storm the House 3 cheat code. An option in the beginning lets users change the setting to infinite money. Use every gadget and gun to slaughter the masses in an endless rampage.

A Worthy Online Shooter

Sandbox Game Screenshot - Storm the House 3

If you’re looking for worthy online shooter the Storm the House 3 game is it. This third installment has everything that made the previous series work with a little extra. The improved graphics and animation show off miniature Spartan men, electricity bolts zapping, and missiles firing. The slow switch from morning to evening adds a nice element as well. The abundant amount of upgrades let players combine strategy with skill in Storm the House 3. Players can shoot a never-ending swarm of armed men using a variety of cool weapons through the upgrade menu. All six of the mini-games extend the game play giving the game more replay value and fun. Every shooter fan should add Storm the House 3 game to their favorite games to play list. It’s one of the best online shooter games.