Review: Browser MMO Game: Wild Guns. Structures Resources and the game basics.

Review: Browser MMO Game: Wild Guns.  Structures Resources and the game basics.
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Wild Guns Introduction

If you have ever played browser MMO games like Evony or Ikariam then Wild Guns will be familiar to you. It features the same empire building and combat themes that most strategy browser games have.

In Wild Guns you can play as Cowboys, Indians, or Mexicans and each faction has its own distinct military units. You start the game with just a small village and through the game play you develop a powerful town and army to defend it. Each faction also has a special ability, the Cowboys have a resource bonus, the Indians can reduce the effect of enemy hideouts, and the Mexicans can queue up one more building for production.

The game is very easy to play with a nice tutorial at the beginning that will take the player through the first basic steps such as resource gathering and military unit creation. You will receive some resources for completing these basic quests and once they are done you are on your own to develop your town. Each new player to the game gets a seven day protection period to build up a defense and army.

Resources Are Key In Wild Guns

Wild Guns Farms

Like most MMO browser style games, resources play a key role in Wild Guns. You have food, wood, clay, and iron that must be developed so your town can thrive. Food is the most important resource and is required to build units and support upgrades to your buildings. Your resource fields are found on the outside of your town and each upgrade level is numbered so you can see what level you are at. You can only build one structure at a time in your town or resource fields.

Wild Guns Structures

The game features three different types of structures you can build. First you have your production structures such as mines and farms. You can also build bonus production buildings once you reach a higher level such as a bakery and sawmill that will increase the production rates. You have your infrastructure buildings such as your marketplace, storage, granary, hideout, and embassy. These buildings improve the storage and economy of your town. The embassy will allow you to join a clan and play with other people, or form your own team. Your military buildings include your barracks, stables, assembly point, tavern, and walls. The tavern produces whiskey which can help improve the loyalty of your town citizens.

Your Troops and Academy

Wild Guns Academy

In your town you can build an academy that can be used to upgrade your troops. One feature that makes Wild Guns challenging is that each faction has its own distinct troops with different attack and defense strengths. For example, the Cowboys and Mexicans can make cannons to destroy structures but the Indians use flaming arrows to do this.

Each side has infantry, cavalry, explosive units, and a settler unit that founds new towns. You can use the battle simulator and create a battle to see how the different units from each faction stack up against each other.

As you upgrade your troops in the academy, they will be come available for use in your barracks. Stables are needed for the construction of mounted troops and a cannon foundry is needed for cannons and explosive experts. More advanced troops will take additional resources and game time to build.

You should make sure your army is well-rounded with a good mix of troops. Once you build the assembly point building, you can form your army into fighting groups so they are better in battles. The rampart wall will help to provide protection for your town if your army is small. If you join an alliance you could each specialize in one troop type.

Wild Guns Map

Wild Guns Game Map

On the game map you can see the towns built by individual players and factions. You can attack individual towns or the nature fields. When you attack the nature fields you will need to fight off thieves or wild animal NPCs located there and you will have the chance to discover an artifact.

These artifacts can be used against foreign villages and may cause a positive or negative reaction. You may decrease their defense, attack or production levels. The artifact may do the opposite and increase those levels so it is up to the player whether or not they wish to use the artifact against a village.

If you are attacked by another player your village can lose artifacts it has acquired. You cannot use artifacts to improve your village they can only be used against foreign villages. If a player has built up a town but left the game, these abandoned towns become bandit towns that you can still attack and occupy if you have settlers.

The Market

Once you build a market you can trade goods with other players. There is no money exchanged when you trade goods but you can barter with other players and offer them one resource for another. A player may offer another player 400 wood for 600 food, for example. You can send materials to other players or alliance members from the market place window, just enter the amount you want to send and the player’s coordinates.

Wild Guns Game Play

Wild Guns Village

Wild Guns is easy to learn and very fun to play. The interface and menu system are very well done and the game has a good basic tutorial for new players. The seven day new player protection makes is easy for the beginner to build up a town before facing attacks from more experienced players.

While there is no sound, the graphics are adequate for a browser game. There is a messaging system and forums but for some reason there is no in-game chat system. This game could be much better if there was a chat system because sending endless messages can become tedious.

The map is well done but some areas of it seem over cluttered with structures and empty towns. The game could use some new servers to clean up the clutter on the map. There is also a good manual at the top of the page that is well done and easy to follow.

Game Play Tips For Wild Guns

  • Start slow and read the game manual before you build anything in your town. Join the forums and get to know some of the other players. You will find some good guides in the forum areas.
  • Start by building up your resources as you need significant quantities to advance through the various building levels in the game and troops are expensive resource wise.
  • Join an alliance as soon as possible, you will not survive long once your new player protection period is over without one.
  • Use the marketplace to acquire resources that you need more of. It uses a barter system so make the trade resonable for the other player.
  • Develop your academy up as soon as you can so you have access to more powerful troop types.
  • Develop your main town building to decrease the wait time for structure building.
  • You can prtoect your resources from looting by building up your hideout early.


Wild Guns Login

I can recommend Wild Guns to anyone who likes strategy MMO style games. The three factions in the game are unique and offer up challenging gameplay options. The interface and map are well done for a browser game and there is that important fun factor in the game play.

If you like Wild Guns try Evony or Ikariam for some more browser strategy game action.