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Review: Transforce - Browser MMO Game

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Transforce is a MMO strategy game that allows you to control robots and a Transformer hero unit. The goal of the game is to build up your base and battle it out with other players as either an Autobot or a Decepticon.

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    TransForce Game Features

    Transforce is similar in gameplay to the browser game Evony, except you are using robots instead of medieval units. Resources, hero units, alliances, base construction, and combat are the core components of Transforce.

    Transforce Outside Base Resources

    The game consists of three main resources including metal, crystal, and oil. These resources are used for buildings, upgrades, and the purchase of units. These resource buildings are built on the outside portion of your base and can be upgraded for extra production with several plots of land available to build on. You also have energon as a resource which is made from your population. The higher your population the more energon you will produce per hour. Energon is used for upgrades and unit purchases.

    Transforce Inside Base Your Base

    In the game you start out with a basic headquarters building which allows you to build the other structures in the game. You have two parts to your base your inside base which holds your main structures and the outside base where you build your resource buildings. You also have the option of building a shield and defensive structures for attack protection. As you upgrade your base you will gain extra plots for new building production.

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    Factory and Heroes

    Robot Factory

    To build robots you need to build a robot factory. You have several different types of robots including scouts, transports, and specific robot types that are designed to go up against various robot armors. It is a good idea to build a mix of robots so you have a balanced fighting force. Your army is lead by a hero transformer unit which you can build from parts.

    Transformer Unit Hero Units

    In your base you can build a hall of hero building. In this building you can build your transformer unit. You don’t start with a full transformer you need to purchase individual parts to complete the unit. Each part requires you to upgrade your leadership through the technology center. If you don’t have a full Transformer unit, you can still battle it out using the parts you have. Once your unit is complete you can transform it into a full robot that will last one battle before it has to be transformed again.

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    Tech Center and Command Post

    Tech Center

    Your tech center is used for upgrades to your base and unit attack. You can increase your resource production here and improve your base defenses. You can research two technologies at one time. It is a good idea to reaserch the resource production improve upgrades first so you have enough resources available.

    commandscreen Command Post

    This building is used to send your robot armies out for battles. If you click a base on the game you can access your command screen and send out an army from here. You have the ability to perform several missions inclusing scout, reinforce, station, transport, create new base, and occupy.

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    Missions and Combat


    In the game Transforce you can also do missions which will provide you will resources once completed. These missions require you to upgrades portions of your base. If you click on the missions tab you will see what you still have to do outlined in red. You will also find more advanced misisons called expeditions where you can send out actual fighting units.

    Game Map Combat /Map

    The combat in this game is text based and you will receive a battle report upon completion of combat. You have two main types of combat . The first type is base on base attack against another game player. The second type is for control of resource production locations on the game map. These resource spots will increase your base output if you can hold and occupy the spot. Clicking on the game map will show you where the other bases are located. Each base is labeled Autobots or Decepticons.

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    Other Buildings

    TransForce Trade The game also allows you to develop alliances and either join the Autobots or Decepticons. If you build the outer fortress building you can station your alliance members unitsin your base for added protection. You have the ability to trade with othe rplayers on an NPC trader as well as build a warehouse. The basement building will preserve resources from looting if your base falls is under attack. If you upgrade your main headquarters you gain access to additional building plots for any structures you still require.

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    Game Play

    Official Transforce Site Transforce is a very fun game to play but really doesn't offer anything new in terms of game play. This is your basic resource gathering MMO browser game with combat. It is easy to learn the graphics are about average for your typical browser MMO. The game features no sound options which would be nice if they were included.

    I wish the game had more transformers to build then just the hero unit. This unit is neat with the individual parts you can purchase to build the full transformer, but the game doesn't offer enough transformer style action. The game would be better if you could build actual transformers from the movies in the robot factory or at least name your units. Despite the lack of actual transformer units, I enjoyed playing this transformer game.

    I alos liked the fact that the mssion section included combat style missions which is a change from the standard resource and base building you find in other browser MMOs like Evony.

    The game map is nicely done but the bases are too close together which cause too much clutter and makes it hard on the eyes to see where you want to go on the map. They either need more servers on some change on the map to make it easier to read. The map loads slowly and all the players seems to be stuffed together in one portion of the map while whole sections of the map are empty.

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    Transforce has some good points to it especially the hero unit and the ability to make a transformer from parts and then have it transform into a whole robot. The map needs some work because it is very cluttered and stalls when you try to load it. I can recommend TransForce to anyone who likes Transformers or strategy games in general. There are no downloads or software to install so you can begin playing right away. Visit the TransForce site to get started, and have fun.