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Classic 80s Arcade Games Are Making a Come Back

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Relive the 80s gaming era with Gradius Rebirth for WiiWare. This arcade style shooter game can hold its own among the assortment of Gradius replicas floating around. Read this review to find out why Wii gamers should go deep into space once again.

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    Gradius Rebirth is a WiiWare title from a classic arcade game. Designed as a 2D first-person shooter, players jump into the beloved Gradius spacecraft Vic Viper and prepare for battle. Armed with a complete arsenal of weapons, including missles, powerful laser guns, and bombs, players burst into action. Blast every alien shuttle in sight to clear each level. Shoot and destroy enemies while zooming through the far corners of the universe.

    Konami renews their Gradius franchise by introducing this revitalized version to WiiWare. Gradius Rebirth is every retro gamer's dream. Travel back in time to the old days when all gaming was arcade style.

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    In Gradius Rebirth, players begin by customizing their Vic Viper. There are three models of the spacecraft that players can choose from. Each carries different power-ups and weaponry.

    After you've selected your ship, the game begins. Your main objective is to blast away incoming alien shuttles. The gameplay is fast paced and intense. Avoid laser beams coming towards you as you attempt to shoot down surrounding enemy fleets.

    At heart, this is a basic classic shooter. As you progress through the levels, you'll have to fight a final alien boss to complete the game. The game automatically saves at checkpoints. Post your high scores on the Gradius Rebirth international leaderboards with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to revel in your glory.

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    Gradius Rebirth Screenshots

    Gladius Rebirth WiiWare GameGladius Rebirth ScreenshotGladius Rebirth Wii GameGladius Rebirth Nintendo Wii Screenshots
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    In Gradius Rebirth, the controls vary. Players have several gaming options. It's all up to the individual player and the controls they feel most comfortable using. To fly and fire alien scum, the Wii Remote or Nunchunk can be weapons of choice. However, if you truly want a retro gaming experience, the option to use the classic Nintendo controller is there for you. Since Gradius Rebirth is a clear-cut arcade shooter, extra buttons or controls can get in the way of gameplay. Using a classic controller can make the game flow more smoothly. There is also an option to use a Gamecube controller for Nintendo gaming enthusiasts.

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    Graphics & Sound

    This is a retro arcade game and that's what it looks like. Don't expect mind-blowing graphics in Gradius Rebirth. The entire game is in 2D with the quality expected from older games. The changing environments are nice as they morph from dark nothingness in space to icy snow caps. All of ships, missles, and blasts contrasts perfectly with the dark backdrop. Gradius Rebirth favors many noteworthy SNES games from the past. The sound in this game is awesome. You feel like you're actually in an arcade playing. The blasts, laser shots, and volcanic eruptions seem as realistic as they can get.

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    Overall Rating

    Gradius Rebirth is a model of what remaking a classic should look like. This fun blast from the past WiiWare title only costs 800 points and is well-worth it. Players old and young can revel in a side-scrolling shooter meant for hours of explosive fun. Fly through the universe in the Vic Viper on your quest to take out alien foes. This game has a lot to offer shooter fans as well as hardcore arcade gaming fans. The retro soundtrack, graphics, and gameplay transport gamers to a different time and era. Escape far into space with the WiiWare gem Gradius Rebirth.