LIT the Game - One of the Scariest Horror Games on WiiWare

LIT the Game - One of the Scariest Horror Games on WiiWare
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LIT revels in mystery. This ingenious WiiWare game dishes out information as you go along. Jake is a goth teen who has to enter his sieged high school in order to save his girlfriend Rachel. She’s still trapped inside. Evil lurks around every dark hall corner with demented faculty staff and creepy monsters. Stay close to the light and find a way to save your girlfriend. LIT is a horror flick, puzzle, and action-adventure game all rolled up into one. Enter a high school corrupted by dark forces and fight for your life. Can you survive in the dark as Jake?

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

In LIT gamers are dropped directly into the action. There is virtually no tutorial. Players learn quickly to watch their step. You can only walk on the lit path. Moving in a dark area equals a swift untimely death. There are 30 levels. Your main objective is to reach the exit door across the dimmed room. Although, it may sound easy this game is quite challenging. Vast patches of darkness force players to use their puzzle solving skills. Armed with a map of the high school, trusty flashlight, slingshot, a couple of cherry bombs, and a flare you have to figure out how to form a lighted pathway towards the exit. Handy lamp lights situated throughout the classroom provide additional light when you switch them on. The slingshot can be used to smash windows which create paths of light to walk in. After five consecutive rooms have been cleared a boss character appears ready to battle. These monsters are killed by direct light. Light up most of the room or keep aiming light at them for a kill.

It takes 5 to 6 hours to complete this game. Once you’ve passed the dark mode is unlocked. In dark mode you’re being timed as you make a beeline to the exit door. Even if you manage to stay clear of the dark if you’re not at the exit before the time runs out it’s game over.

LIT Screenshots

LIT WiiWare Game Classroom Screenshot


LIT Wii Remote Screenshot

Controls (4 out of 5)

The controls in LIT are pretty good. The Wii Remote recharges your flashlight with a quick shake which is always fun. To switch on rotating lights and activate items simply hit the A button. When you need to knock out several windows using the slingshot the game view changes into third-person for more accurate aiming. Players can easily toggle through inventory items pressing the B button. Most of the action is executed by tapping these two buttons. Players can answer phone calls from Rachel by holding the Wii Remote up to their ear like a telephone. The Wii controls for LIT are simple but effective.

Graphics & Sound (4 out of 5)

The graphics are what you would expect from a gothic themed game. Everything is very dreary and dim. Tons of rats scurry by you in a dark, cold classroom. The detailed furniture in each room adds to the school environment. They also serve as complicated obstacles to maneuver around. All of the monsters look like horror movie prototypes of ghoulish creatures. The sound is somewhat limited but the voice actors are great. Through the game Jake receives phone calls from his stranded girlfriend. Every time a call is answered a piece of the story line unfolds. It adds a quirky cinematic effect to the game.

Overall Rating: (4 out of 5)

LIT is a solid WiiWare game. For a bargain price of only 800 Wii Points it’s a must have in every gamer’s collection. The strategic puzzles and horror elements create a fun game to play. This Wii delight takes players on a 30 level trip into darkness. You don’t have to be goth to enjoy this game. Smashing windows, solving brain teasers, and fighting monsters in the name of love is for everyone. It’s as challenging as it is creative. Several different endings are available depending on how many calls you answer from Jake’s girlfriend. In LIT you can form your own pathway and become a hero.


  • All references and screenshots from LIT for the Wii.