Review of The Pimps - Ultimate Online Gangster Game

Review of The Pimps - Ultimate Online Gangster Game
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The Pimps

The Pimps is a browser based online gangster game that transports players into the mean streets in a battle for respect. There’s plenty to do in the day to day grind as a pimp. After registeration pimp yourself out by customizing your character. Users have total control of the appearance of their player.Adorn the latest duds to look the part. Start businesses, deal drugs, accept challenges, chat, and even download music tracks in The Pimps.

Recruit Your Hookers And Push Drugs

Pimps Push Drugs Claim Territory Game Screenshot

In The Pimps players hire hookers to walk the streets for them. Selection of your hookers is done through a simple click and drag method of the mouse. Prostitutes can be worked and kept for later use when starting a brothel or traded off. Expand brothels up to the third level to earn more cash. Pimps are not limited to brothels. Crackhouses and weedfarms can be purchased as well. All drug transactions must be completed through your Columbian suppliers. Weed and crack in pure or cut varieties are sold. Hire pushers to deal your supply out in the streets.

Every gangster must have a crew. Your homies are selected similar to the hookers except they can be armed with weaponry of your choice. Send them out to complete tasks for you.

Pimp Your Ride

Pimp Your Ride Screenshot

Pimp out your ride by buying custom car accessories as you progress in the game. Add chrome rims or a blazing sound system. They are quintessential for a pimp. There is an assortment of vehicles, clothing, guns, brass knuckles, and switchblades to choose from as well. Players can send other users messages or hire an assistant. Assistants can be in the form of another pimp, DJ, spy, right hand, or guardian. A pimp assistant simply watches your hookers for you making sure no trouble ensues. Employing a DJ helps to expand your business and you profit off their beats. Spies check out your opposing competition. A right hand takes over districts for you. The guardian provides six hours of daily protection which can come in handy as you gain in notoriety. Each assistant costs a certain amount of credits.

Use Your Ghettoblaster & Download Songs

One of the cool features in this game is the GhettoBlaster. In your homepage there is ‘GhettoBlaster’ section. This area allows users to download various music tracks from West Coast Customs to play. Music coins are required to download songs which can be purchased through your currency balance or credits. Players can also invest in a clubhouse, night club, or bar & grill business. It’s your choice. If the pimping business begins to bore you take a vacation. Luxury getaway packages are available for purchase too. Some packages unlock bonus features like diamonds, special music tracks, and hooker bargain deals.

Rise to the Challenge

The Pimps Challenges

Power, money, and respect make things happen in this game. Each player has the opportunity to establish themselves as a true gangster. This is no easy task. In order to reign in your home district players must compete in challenges. These challenges vary in objectives but accomplishing them increases your rank and credits. Players have the option of taking on tasks involving other members to see who is the best. There are also clans you can join or create. Invite new friends to your gang as you take over the streets. Simulate fights with rivals. In the hideout section users can buy vicious attack dogs from various breeds including Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls.

Credits - Optional Subscription Model -

Free Online Gangster Game - The Pimps Hideout Screenshot

Money rules the streets in this virtual world. Although, there are a few opportunities to trade items majority of upgrades require cash. Credits can make or break the gaming experience in The Pimps. Working on a minimal budget will limit your activities. Pimping your ride with cool accessories, downloading songs, hiring assistants to expand your district, attack dogs, brothels, weapons, and buying drugs subtracts from your total balance. Joining a clan even costs a pricey $10,000 of currency. Maintaining a substantial amount of credits is important to progress in the game. Bigpoint Games offers users a Premium Silver Pack for $35.99 or a Premium Gold Pack for $59.99 USD. Both of these packages give users enough freedom to explore the life of a P-I-M-P. Individual allotments of credits can also be purchased that range from 5,700 for $4.99 up to 400,000 for $99.99.

Final Assessment - The Pimps (4 out of 5)

Is it really hard out there for a pimp? In this MMO if you don’t have enough credits it is. Overall The Pimps can be loads of fun. The Ghettoblaster which allows gamers to download different songs bring a cool element to a text based game. Customization of your clothing, cars, prostitutes, dogs, clubs, and homies let players create their own world. Chat with other pimps in the messaging section while trying to expand control over the districts. The Pimps is an entertaining game. Somewhat similar to the popular console Grand Theft Auto series players wreak havoc and corruption. MMO fans looking for something different will love this game.