Preview: Dark Void for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Preview: Dark Void for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
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The Devlopment

Dark Void is developed by Airtight Games, (for those of you not familiar with Airtight, they developed Crimson Skies), and this is one game that they can truly be proud of. Dark Void is an alien aerial combat game that puts you in the game as Will, a cargo pilot that heads right into the Bermuda Triangle and BAM - winds up in the middle of an alien dimension. Here, he finds a hostile race of aliens, called “the Watchers” who are taking the humans that enter their realm for study and other deadly experiments.

Combat Basics

In the game, Airtight hasn’t left you with just the ordinary plane and pistol action. You have your normal energy based weapons that you see in most human/alien shooters, but you also have one kick butt weapon in your arsenal: a jetpack. This allows you to quickly move about the world and escape from some stick situations. There is an attached gun on your jetpack, but it’s normally outgunned, so you will find that you don’t use it much.

One of the other beautiful areas of the combat part of this game is that you can actually jack a UFO to start doing some major damage to the aliens who are trying to capture or kill you. To jack the UFO, you’ll have to rely on your quick reflexes to get on the ship, and your high powered kicks and punches to get into the cockpit and overpower the aliens manning it.

Game Play

The game play overall is something that basically has been done before. I mean, human versus aliens, where human is trying to escape before becoming alien fodder. But, there is a slight twist to this game with the pilot flying into the Bermuda Triange and trying to get home again. So, ok, I give props there for an original twist to start the story up.

Basically, you have to get your way from the jungle to the alien military base. Then fight your way into the base and buildings to fight aliens and complete missions, so that you can move on to the next phase of the game. Now, here is where I have to stop a bit short because there isn’t much known about the levels beyond level 1 in the game. I am sure that as the game gets closer to release, there will be more released about the further levels and game play. But, from what I can see so far, the game play looks super.


From the trailer, it seems that the graphics are going to be just blow you away. So, I had to seek out some great screenshots of the game so far to post here for you (see the images below) and to ensure that my first impression wasn’t wrong. Well, while the screenshots weren’t quite as impressive as the trailer overall, they are pretty darn good. I really do love the detail in the combat areas, the suit, and even the backgrounds. I have to say that the designers did one awesome job here to make the game look as realistic as possible.

Images From Dark Void


Dark Void comes out in mid-August for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as the PC. For those that own these consoles, I would recommend checking this one out to see what you think as everything that I have seen so far points to this being one awesome game. You can check out Dark Void’s website to see more of the game, screenshots, trailers, and information to help you determine if this is a game that you will want to pick up - or not - when it hits shelves.