A Preview Look At The New Crime-Solving Game - Defenders of Law, Inc.: Crime in Willburg - By GameInvest

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The newest crime game for your pc…

One of the fastest rising game makers, and the top video game developer in Portugal, GAMEINVEST, will soon be releasing it’s new title: Defenders of Law, Inc.: Crime in Willbugh for those who love some great PC crime fighting action. Along with the PC version, GAMEINVEST will be releasing this same title for Nintendo DS and Wii, which will give it a major jump on the video game market around the world. In this awesome crime fighting drama game, players will have to gather evidence and clues and then put them all together so that they can solve a murder mystery.

Think that this sounds familiar? Well, GAMEINVEST is throwing in another plus to keep their new game different from previous crime-based PC games - they are adding in complex criminals into the game to make it more realistic and they are using the same platform for the heroes as well. By creating believable characters, players will feel that they are more a detective and a crime fighter than in just those other games that offer a one dimensional character and criminals. Since the players will be the attorneys in the game itself, they will have to gather all the information that they need to solve the mysteries behind all of the different cases and still prove the innocense of the client that they represent. By doing this, players will have to be really into the game and be able to multi-task when it comes to both crime fighting and defending. With this deep an experience in a crime drama PC game, the player will have to learn what to look for and how to play, yet the game will still be one that everyone can enjoy.

The game basics look like this: players choose from one of five litigators - Jane, Margaret, Sophie, Mark, or Philips. Each of these different attorneys have a different client to defend all of which have been charged in the murder of Miss Rosevolt. The game will start out with the player and their client in front of the Judge in the case, who will assign the attorney fifteen days to find the evidence needed to defend their client. After that, the player has to start examining witnesses, searching for clues, gathering evidence (like footprints, blood samples, and even hidden objects), then taking the information that they have to analyze in the crime lab. Once the evidence is gathered in the lab, the player is given a deck of playing cards, which they will use to “face off” against the DA in the case. Whoever comes up with the winning hand, wins the case. The winning hand will reveal if the defendant is guilty or innocent.

Once the verdict is handed down, you can choose to play again to find the different outcomes for each defendant and have a different experience and outcome each time. There will be 25 wonderfully played out scenarios, that guarantee a new experience every time the game is played. For those interested in more about the game and to see screenshots of the current developmental stages of the PC game, you can visit the GAMEINVEST website where there is release information for the different versions of the game (from PC to Wii) as well as costs and other great information about the background of the game and the designers.

I’m sure that this will be one crime drama game that most PC gamers will love to try out!