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Madworld Wii Video Game Review

by: Matthew Weber ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Madworld is an ultra-violent romp through a black, white, and red all over world that really rocks the senses and hypes up the entertainment value for the Wii. It is one of the best and most playable mature-titles for the Wii console available, and a cannot miss adrenalin ride.

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    Madworld rocks! Wii fighting at its best! Console gaming combat that engages the senses Play in an amazing world 

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    The best parts

    You need to create a disturbingly entertaining variety of ways to kill your victim to win at this game, which is a truly unique concept that creates the opportunity to let your little devil loose on the world.

    The black, white and occasional yellow color-palette of the Sin City style look is surprisingly eye-grabbing and innovative in an entertainment industry in love with bright colors.

    The hysterically funny running commentary by John Di Maggio (the voice of Bender on Futurama) and Greg Proops (the voice of the English-speaking rod-race announcer in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace) is a gas to hear as your thinking of better and more grotesque ways to off your victim.

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    The parts that could be improved

    Madworld is a hell of a one of a wild ride, but if you lose, you will have to start the level over--which is kind of funny in a space-age video game, and extremely annoying at times.

    The camera combined with a wayward grasp mechanism makes for some frustrating moments, but the top-notch motion-based functionality is the driving force behind this bloody show.

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    The graphical story

    The graphical presentation has a graphical novel look that creates a one of a kind reality that comes to life in a Sin City art style with broad strokes of red splatter across a canvas of black and white. The frame rate stays pretty steady which makes for an enjoyable and totally satisfying visual experience.

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    Sounds in the game

    The sound track is an entertaining, and long winded, hip-hop score that helps to keep the energy up and the pace of the action flowing. The sound track also compliments the dialogue of the characters very well to help keep you smiling at the outrageousness of this game.

    The crunchy, squishy, sound-effects of your violence are funny and entertaining to listen too as you carry out your goal of creating the perfect kill.

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    The story line

    You play Jack, a bounty hunter who travels to a place called Varrifan's City on Jefferson Island, which becomes isolated from the rest of the world in the opening moments because all the bridges connecting the island will be destroyed. There, you have to participate in a Running Man like game show called Death Watch. To win at this game, which is televised around the world, and survive, you have to kill. Not only do you need to kill for the right to live longer in as innovative, but you need to do it in as new and foul ways as you can imagine.

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    Want to play again?

    It took me about seven to eight hours to slaughter every victim they put before me in the game and beat Madworld at its own game, which isn't bad for a current-gen title.

    Madworld does come with a multiplayer mode, which is played in split-screen. In this mode, you and a friend (or foe) can compete to out do each other and see who the man is.

    The confrontations with the bosses is really fun, and easy once you learn how to beat them. However, you will die a few times before you learn the secrets, and with limited lives it's possible to run out of lives--which means you start over.

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    The bottom line

    Madworld isn't perfect, but it's certainly uniquely entertaining in its own way. If you have a stomach for violence and gore, Madworld entices and entrances in ways the doctors will definitely want to study, but finishes by being a distinctive treat.