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Stoked Xbox 360 Video Game Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Stoked involves open mountains of snow to explore from the top down, each with a different look, objectives and challenges to keep you entertained and the adrenalin flowing. The game play controls fail to rise to the standards of Skate, producing moves that are often harder than they should be.

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    The best parts

    The reward system for landing the various tricks and completing objectives works well to make competing in Stoked more fun and engaging for the senses.

    Six real-life mountains wonderfully modeled for your virtual snowboarding fun, each has ten different events and over 90 different objectives to complete on your way down the mountain.

    Once you get your pro license this console game starts going and really becomes more fun as your variety of tricks increases, you unlock better and more challenging events, and try out new and entertaining gear on the slopes.

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    Parts that should be improved

    Stoked can be a frustrating game if you don't have the patience to make it through the slow parts until you achieve your pro license, which isn't easy because executing the moves necessary to achieve your license does take practice.

    The physics in Stoked, especially the landing physics, appear to be off at times, and don't always seem consistent, but work pretty well once you get use to their feel.

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    The graphical story

    The graphical presentation in Stoked is only average compared to many games, the environmental objects are detailed enough to distinguish, but the character models look kind of grainy.

    The weather effects vary nicely as you play the game and it impacts on your ability to perform your moves, which is a nice element that adds entertainment and strategy at times.

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    Sounds in the game

    A huge and diverse sound track included with Stoked is full of indie bands that provide a nice background to listen to as you ride the snow, one of the better aspects of Stoked.

    The sound of the board on the snow, the changing sounds of the weather, and the background sounds were all well done and can be something to key on as you make your way on the mountain to the next event.

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    The story line

    Stoked begins simply and it works wonderfully, you just pick a gender, race, and nationaltiy for our soon to be world snowboarding champion, but won't be given the opportunity to tweak your facial features. You then head off to the mountains to try a few tricks and challenges, and then begin your career as a new snowboarder on the world scene. You continue competing until you reach a certain amount of points, at which time you start to become famous and sponsors and the media start knocking on your door.

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    Want to play again?

    They made an excellent experience if you just want to forget all the unimportant stuff and head to the slopes for a little snowboarding fun. No poorly constructed and boring back story to attempt to make you feel for the characters, no super moves to unlock or objects to collect on the slopes, which is a move in the right direction.

    The open mountain feel makes it spectacular and engaging to perform flips and wild spins which require skill to land and execute at a high level. The runs are especially fun after you achieve your pro license, well laid out to create challenge and make you think intelligently about your line.

    Stoked comes with a single player mode, a multiplayer mode that makes use of many aspects included in the single player mode, and the option to play on line against up to six players.

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    The bottom line

    Bongfish has included many new concepts in Stoked, like the real-time weather and snow types that affect your riding, that throw a snowball in the face of Shawn White and make new tracks in the snow for other developers of snowboard simulations to follow. If Bongfish had spent a little more time on the graphicial details and textures and fleshing out the controls a little better, Stoked would be a real gem to take home.