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Go to the Rodeo in Professional Bull Rider 2 PC Game

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Go to the Rodeo in Professional Bull Rider 2 PC game from Sierra Sports. This revised sequel features a fun rodeo clown mode where players can test their speed and courage against the mighty bull. Are you the toughest cowboy in your neck of the woods?

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    Go to the rodeo in Professional Bull Rider 2 PC game. This sequel to Sierra Sports original Professional Bull Rider simulation combines an arcade style with traditional sport elements. Players can enter the gigantic arena as a tough cowboy or a bull seeking revenge. The newly revised version is loaded with bonus features. An advanced edit mode allows gamers to manufacture their own cowboy or trusty bull. You can completely control their look, statistics, and examine streamlined rosters. When you step into the bull riding arena each swift movement counts. In this game players must not only survive in one piece but conquer the bull to achieve the ultimate status. Fans of PBR will love this more challenging version.

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    In PBR2 you will tour the US through the bull-riding circuit collecting points along the way to guarantee you a spot in the championship. Players have the option to play a complete season and go on tour or instantly compete in ‘quick ride’ mode. The ‘quick ride’ feature allows players to countless rounds. Both game modes allow you the choice to ride as a cowboy or buck as a bull. The improvements in gameplay doesn’t stop at the ‘be a bull’ option. Professional Bull Rider 2 features a new ‘bullfighter’ mode. This mode matches a rodeo clown versus a vicious bull. You can play either character. When you play as the bull your objective is to toss the cowboy and then stomp the rodeo clown. During the mode as the rodeo clown your job is to tease and avoid the bull at all costs. Players also have to perform a daring trick that involves smacking the angry bull on the buttocks without getting killed. It’s lots of fun. The ‘bullfigher’ mode only functions as a ‘quick ride’ or in face off competition. This sequel is very challenging. It has plenty of replay value. Players can have fun as a bull, rodeo clown, or they can pursue a career vying for the championship

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    Graphics & Sound

    The graphics are the quality that you’d expect from Sierra Sports. Animations look as true to life as possible for a PC game. Movements are extremely realistic. Every time a cowboy is tossed or trampled visually it looks like you’re right there in the arena. The menus are surprisingly clever with a colorful layout. Enhanced video tips play seamlessly and the customized design mode operates smoothly. The grunts, agonizing screams, and cheers come in clear. A cool extra in Professional Bull Rider 2 is the real PBR announcer Justin McKee’s distinct commentary which adds to players bull riding experience. The soundtrack is primarily country western. Whether you’re a fan of country music or not it fits the game well adding to the western ambiance.

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    System Requirements:

    The system requirements for Professional Bull Rider 2 includes Windows 98/ME/2000 Windows XP/Vista, 2.4GHz Processor, a minimum of 50 MB of disk space, 2MB functional video RAM, and 32 MB RAM. For a better gaming experience I recommend using a Logitech Cordless Rumble 2 gaming pad. You can really get into the game with this fun PC accessory. It’a a great way to truly experience every hit, bump, and toss you go through in this realistic rodeo simulation game. The Logitech Cordless Rumble 2 features extended battery life for longer play and a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver to easy movement.

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    Overall Rating

    Professional Bull Rider 2 PC game picks up where the previous game stopped. Players have big boots to fill as they enter the intimidating riding arena. All of the real statistics for 44 of the finest Pro Bull Riders in the sport and up to 20 of the toughest bulls have been updated in the rooster. The 29 major riding events in a typical season has been simulated to give gamers a realistic experience. The hardcore two player challenge and the option to play as the bull keeps this version fresh. The extras make this game worth owning. Professional Bull Rider 2 comes with an exclusive trailer of a new movie and a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd.