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State of Emergency for Playstation 2 Console

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Yes, this is an older Playstation 2 console game, but still a fun one if you love to "fight the man". Here is your gamer's review for this classic title, State of Emergency.

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    Game Play

    state of emerg box The Corporation has taken control of the city - from the mall to the police department - and it's up to you to stop them in this classic Playstation 2 console game. As an ex-cop, you have the moves and the skills to do it with extreme violence. Not only will you be fighting the corporation and their lackies, you will also find yourself pitted against gangs of protesters in the streets, looters, and those that just have the nerve to get in your way. But, it's all up to you to get the job done and help rid your city of the Corporation and return everything back to normal.

    Sound fun? Well, this Playstation 2 console game is a load of fun. But, the reason that I don't quite score the game play as a 5 is that is does lack a bit in the game itself. Sometimes the missions that you undertake are a bit hard to get, and might take a while to complete. Other times, the time frame that you have it just unrealistic. I think that the developers could have done a little bit also to help make it a little more unique instead of basing it on other movies and games along this same story line.

    But, overall, the game play is fun. You can smash just about anything you want - from windows to people's heads (yes, it's a very violent game and not for kids), and you have your choice of weapons available to do so. From trash cans to flame throwers to baseball bats, you'll never be at a loss for a weapon in this classic Playstation 2 console game.

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    While the graphics are ok in this Playstation 2 title, they aren't superb. They are however what you'd expect from Rockstar games. To me, they are a bit too much like the GTA series of Playstation 2 games, but with a bit more "cartoonish" feel thrown in. The colors are bright, the detail is good, and the action is fun - but I do feel that the developers could have thrown in a bit more when it came to the graphics here. For example, I noticed that there are a lot of bugs in the mall that normal gamers may not notice. When you are trying to smash stuff for bonus points, there are many times that you can't do it because of the way that the walls are done and you can even get your toon stuck behind things if you try to. When it comes to the graphics during the action, the fires look terribly fake for a Playstation 2 console game, and sometimes the actions get a bit jumbled when there are tons of people involved. But, overall, I give the graphics in State of Emergency for the Playstation 2 console a 4 out of 5.

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    Images From State of Emergency for the Playstation 2

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    Sounds and Music

    This is one area of the game that I feel is lacking. The sounds of the fighting isn't what it should be, and I would expect better from Rockstar here in this Playstation 2 console game. The music is almost non-existent, and when it is there - it's better turned off. The voices aren't anything special and when you hear the computer voice overs that tell you to "go" on your missions, yeah - I'm reminded of the really cheap plug-and-play games that you can get at Wal-Mart for $5. Come on Rockstar, could you not have done a little more here on this Playstation 2 title to give us something funny or some great action sounds like in your other games?

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    Violence and Ratings

    Now, this Playstation 2 console game is NOT one for kids. The box plainly says that it's for Mature audiences and after buying the game and bringing it home, I can easily see why. We actually played this game just to see what all we could screw up when it came to demolishing things. While this isn't enough for some parents to keep their kids from playing, the violence should be. Even for a low quality graphics, the blood and violence in the game should be more than kids can handle and I would not recommend allowing anyone under 16 to play this PS2 title - no matter what.

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    This isn't all a bad game. It's actually kind of fun to play when you are just in the mood to smash the crap out of things, loot the mall, or knock people down the stairs. It's a great classic Playstation 2 title to have in your collection and if you're looking for a cheap bargain game to add to your PS2 games, then this is a great one to pick up. You can see more about the game itself on the Sony Playstation 2 site and see trailers and more screenshots.