Playstaion 3 Game Reviews: Genjie: Days of the Blade Review

Playstaion 3 Game Reviews: Genjie: Days of the Blade Review
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One of the biggest dilemmas of game developers when making game sequel is how to move on from the first original. It’s easier if the original game was a runaway hit, but harder if the first game was fluff. If the original game did not quite make it, game developers might either improve on the original game or totally destroy the game series by releasing a mediocre sequel. Fortunately for Genjie, it falls exactly in the middle. The original game was not really a hit but was nevertheless a worthy game that was able to provide a decent punch and left a good mark among PS3 gamers. Genjie: Days of the Blade did not offer that much improvement in both the game’s storyline and gameplay. But it certainly made up in the graphics department.

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

There is only one word that can better describe Genjie: Days of the Blade’s graphics - fantastic. Whether you have played the original Genjie game in the PS2 or not, you would definitely find this game’s graphics stunningly beautiful. It certainly makes full use of the PS3’s graphics prowess. From the backgrounds, the cut scenes, and the character animation, Sony certainly did not leave any room for flaws to creep into the game’s graphics.

The game would have been even better if the game sound was equally great as well. Unfortunately SCEA might have forgotten about the sound department when making this game. The music tracks are repetitive and you can easily count how many song varieties were included. Even the character voices are something to be ashamed of. The voice acting failed to give justice in the characterization of the game casts. In fact if you get annoyed with the game’s sound, you might as well put your TV into mute to avoid hearing it.

Story (3 out of 5)

As a sequel to Genji: Dawn of the Samurai, Days of the Blade’s storyline takes off from the time when the first Genjie ended. The premise is like this, the antagonist is what’s left of the evil forces called the Heishi. It was only a matter of time before peace will be reinstalled and the Genjie forces can now fully claim victory. But as the turn of events happened, the Heishi forces were able to regroup thanks to a renewed power. Your character will have to infiltrate the Heishi group to find out where they are getting their powers from.

Gameplay and Control (3 out of 5)

Genjie: Days of the Blade offers your usual hack-and-slash type of adventure game. You have to battle enemies and their cohorts until you face the final boss.Controlling your character is not really a problem in this game. The character has simple moves that you can learn immediately. You can either make your character jump, attack, or evade the enemies using the PS3 ’s D-PAd. You also need to master some combo attacks to make your main character as lethal as possible. One highlight of the gameplay is the special attack move called Kamui attacks. If you have played God of War, those Kamui attacks are almost the same as the chain attacks of the main character of the God of War. Overall, gameplay and control of this game is on the average scale.

Our Verdict (3 out of 5)

If you are a fan of the first Genjie game, you would definitely love this sequel. That’s it. No ifs and butts, no question asks - Genjie Days of the Blade is good game buy.