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Playstation 2 Game Review: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: Aaron R. ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is the eleventh installment in the long series of strategy-based games for the PlayStation 2.

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    romance of the three kingdoms For a PlayStation 2 game which spans 10+ installments, you might wonder whether this game still has anything new to offer to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. This strategy based-game by Koei, is still set in Ancient China, specifically after the Han Dynasty when China was left with no ruling dynasty and everybody was rushing to take the seat of the Chinese government. Your task is to establish order and peace with the hopes of putting the next ruling dynasty of China in place without incurring too much bloodshed.

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    Romance of the Three Kingdoms Gameplay

    RTK 11 is a turn-based strategy game that utilized a menu-driven gameplay. If you're not into this type of gameplay, you better avoid this game. But if you are into a content management type of game, you'll be glad to know that this game offers tons of menu manipulation, settings and tweaking. In fact, you'd often find yourself doing the same task more than once in order to proceed with the game. The game will certainly make you pre-occupied for many long hours.

    The game map is divided into squares where all the game's battles take place. You take control of ships, cavalry and foot soldiers which you can equip with various weapons including spears, pikes, bows and of course the ever dependable sword. To be successful with your battle campaign, you must gather as many resources as possible, as it is the only way you can manhandle the enemies' forces. This may seem difficult at first, especially for those who haven't played a single Romance of the Three Kingdoms game, but once you get the hang of the gameplay mechanics you will definitely find it entertaining and fulfilling as well. If after playing for several hours you still can't seem to move through, check out the game's comprehensive tutorials offering 20 scenarios aimed at helping you get through with the game.

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    Romance of the Three Kingdoms Graphics and Sound

    We're talking here of a strategy-based game for the Playstation 2, so don't expect too much flare in the graphics department of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI as you'll certainly be a bit disappointed. But don't get me wrong here, RTK 11 managed to present some decent-looking graphic renditions which showcases what the Playstation 2 is capable of doing. The game offers a 3D map which is pleasantly rendered. The characters are well illustrated and represented depending on their character roles. Don't expect too much cool animation scenes though, as this game offers a very few since like we said it is a menu-driven, turn-based strategy game. Strategy games are enjoyed for their intelligently designed menu system and not for their graphical prowess.

    In the sound department, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI manages to compensate for its not so exhilarating graphics features. The musical scoring is well chosen and certainly adds some excitement into the game. You would love the repeating war chants as well as the upbeat tempo of the sound of war drums. The game also offers nice voice acting although it’s not something that you can bring home and brag about to your parents.

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    Romance of the Three Kingdoms Replayability

    With a rich game such as RTK XI, expect to devote extra game hours once you finished the game. Certainly, you will not be able to finish the game at 100% achievement in one try. It would take a couple of tries before you finally attain that level of game achievement. If you like the game, this would be a walk in the park. But if after one try, considering that you've finished the game already, you did not like the game, don't bother playing it again as your perception about the game will not change. So, the best thing to do is to play the game slowly, explore all possible angles, and assimilate what there is to learn in order to fully enjoy Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI and to play it again after finishing the game in your first try.

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    Our Verdict

    Like we said, this game is not for everybody. If you're an RTK series fan, this game is for you. If you are a casual strategy-based gamer, play this game if you have time to spare/waster, otherwise don't even think about buying this game as you might not like it. But if you insist, go ahead and enjoy the game with your Playstation 2 console.