Review: Engaging MMO Dedicated Website with an Active Community


The website is a massive resource for all things related to massively multiplayer online gaming. The site is absolutely packed with information on the latest mmo games and there are news articles, in depth features, help and tips, downloadable art and game files and a busy and active community.

Design (3 out of 5)

The website layout is pretty busy to say the least and even with a broadband connection I found the website took a moment to fully load. The simple navigation bar along the top highlights the main sections and this is followed by another two menu bars with hot topics and new articles highlighted. Although the layout is extremely busy there are lots of good images and the sections are easy to access. It does get some marks off for the prominent advertising in the main banner and the pop up ads as you navigate around but most of the on page adverts are tucked away on the right hand side which makes them easy to ignore.

Sections (5 out of 5)

The website obviously has a busy active community and to explore the full range of features and really get the best out of it you have to sign up for a free account. You’ll need to be at least 13 years old but the sign up process is quick and painless.

I think the best section of the site is the Answer section where you can pose questions about any mmo game and have them answered by actual gamers. This is fast becoming a useful repository of information and there are some detailed answers to user queries.

The Blog section leads you to several blogs on specific titles and each contains a wealth of news and information. They also provide another opportunity for the community to discuss various topics related to their favourite games.

There is a huge database of mmo games and you can find game client downloads, patches and also videos, wallpapers and screenshots. The News and Features are well written and informative and there is a very active forum. Another big draw for the site is the Contest section which highlights upcoming competitions for various games and a number of tempting giveaways.

There are also sections called MyCenter and MyGame. MyCenter allows you to modify the website for your own use which is a great idea to keep people interested. MyGame offers information and access to loads of free browser based mmos and it is a platform you can get involved in yourself if you fancy trying some games development.

Community (5 out of 5)

The website is clearly attempting to involve a large community and by signing up for an account you don’t just get access to the help and forum sections you can also set up a profile in the MyCenter section. This is like an mmo dedicated social networking site where you have a homepage with a small house on it, complete with a cute mailbox which you can click on to check your messages. You can also explore the wider world in your browser and find various bits of content and cities dedicated to specific titles. It feature nicely drawn 2D backdrops and is basically a clever way of visually laying out the content and making it feel more like you are exploring a world than browsing a website.

Overall (4 out of 5)

This is an interesting and creative website and fans of mmos will find the MyCenter section especially intriguing. Whatever you want, from help with your favourite game, to a free browser game to play, or news about an upcoming release is a great resource and a worthy addition to your bookmarks.