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Gamevance.Com is a free-to-play flash based game that offers players a chance to win prizes at the end of each day if they daily high scores. Find out what other benefits you may receive once you sign up with GameVance, through this rated review.

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    Overview is a free to play site using Flash animation in their games. What makes it so distinct is that players (US based only) are given the opportunity to win Prizes upon reaching the daily high scores. Play free games and win prizes, that's their tagline and it certainly is true to its word. Aside from the Tournament Games that win you prizes, there are also Free Games that are there to give you a break from the rigors of work.

    Verified by McAfee, you can be sure that GameVance is a secure site. So you won't have to worry about viruses or worms when you download their software to be able to play their games.To play, just create an account, upload a picture, download the software and start playing!

    * Unfortunately, Game Vance isn't supported by Mac yet. However, the site is working to eradicate this issue *

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    Concept Design

    I like the look and feel to GameVance, as it offers you a fresh feel for the site. The tabs at the top of the screen take you around the site. There's a corner for the player profiles as well as an updated section of latest winners, and their respective prizes. It's all made in a clean and efficient manner that takes the stress away from picking a game or navigating around a site. A constant streamer changes displaying different game titles that are sure to attract and amuse each player.

    The main page was clearly created to give players ample space to peruse through the games available, with game screenshots as well as short blurbs included per game.

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    The Free Games

    If you're not interested in the games offered in the tournament, there are over 20 other free games to choose from that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. With titles and subjects that range from being a Track and Field star, duck hunting, Swat assault to the classic games of Frogger and Spring Cannon.

    Though admittedly,Game Vance does not have a plethora of games to offer its community, what it lacks for in quantity does balance out with the quality of its games. But then, a big attraction to playing on Game Vance isn't really the free games, it's the chance for winning cool prizes.

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    Tournament Games

    Tournament Games are games found in Game Vance that give you the option to win prizes daily. Just get a high score in one of the 15 Tournament Games and take your pick from among a variety of prizes that will be awarded to you IF you garner a high score at the end of the day. Choose among an iPod, a DigiCam, a Sony PSP or a $200 Gift Card when you win. Once you win, you have a chance to claim another prize after 45 days.

    However, the winnings dont end there. All prize winners are entered in the VIP rankings and are elibigle to win a bigger prize at the end of the month. The stipulation goes that the player who wins the most number of daily tournaments at the end of each month wins. In the past, prizes like an XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii's have been given out.

    Validity of prizes claimed are shown via a photo snapshot of the winner holding the prize as well as a written testimonial. Both are posted in site to show other players.

    ** Only players above the age of 18 and are currently residing in the United States are eligible to claim prizes. **

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    I love the idea of playing to win. It gives people an incentive as to why they spend so much time playing. But again, as I said, this site isn't merely limited to the Tournament Games. The free games available for the members are great too and I felt secure in the fact that the site I was logged on to, isn't going to send me a virus or a link to an unsavory site. Although you might get the occasional advertisements (still that's not to be devalued as it is a free to pay site), its still a small prize to pay.

    The member profile page allows you to make friends, keep tracks of your winnings and make contacts. A gaming site that has a little bit of social networking into it so that players can get to know who they're playing with/against.

    Look forward to more new games, new prizes and new activities at GameVance. Sign up, upload a photo, play some games and who knows ? You could be the next owner of a spanking new iPod!.

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