Slingo Hints, Tips and Tricks to Master the Game

Slingo Hints, Tips and Tricks to Master the Game
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The creators of slingo made a new, interactive game when they combined the 25-square grid from bingo with slots. Your goal with the various slingo games is to click the wheel to spin the five reels. Each real reads a number in a range of 15 numbers. The first column is 1 through 15, second is 16 through 30, third is 31 to 45, fourth is 46 to 60 and the last is 61 to 75. You get 20 spins to match all 25 squares on the board. Along the way, you can also try to complete other achievements depending on the variation of slingo game you’re playing.

Slingo Deluxe


Slingo Deluxe is the way to play classic slingo in a downloadable format instead of through an online interface on the official site. As you spin your reels 20 times, match the 25 numbers on your card. Occasionally your reel may display a joker that matches any number in the column, making it easier to get matches. You might also spin the devil or make a match on a number with the devil who will try to steal some of your points. When you first start playing the game, Slingo Deluxe is the one to try in order to get the concept down.

Slingo Quest


Slingo quest introduced a new twist to the traditional slingo fun. Instead of trying to beat just the high score and other individuals on the leaderboard, you need to work to reach other goals along the path. You earn additional power-ups such as bouncing slingos and super slingos on levels where you need to play multiple cards. Multiple cards require you to make matches on both cards with the numbers that appear on the reels of the slots. You can also get additional power ups to improve your chances of making matches on cards such as the cherub for devil protection, free spins and a power-up to view where other powers are hidden behind the numbers. You must complete each level in the pirate-themed game to reach the end.

Slingo Quest Hawaii

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Slingo Quest Hawaii is yet another game in the slingo quest series, which introduces a Hawaiian theme to slingo and introduces new power-ups such as the tiki joker and super joker which allows you to make a match anywhere on the card. You also have access to new level types as you proceed through your quest including a slingo board in the shape of a volcano, classic and speed slingo where you click the reels after the number stops and you make a match. You work on a time limit of three minutes instead of having 20 set spins to complete the matches. You also work to earn 16 different achievement stamps including one to get five slingos in one spin or getting a certain number of points in a single spin.

Slingo Quest Egypt


Travel to Egypt in Slingo Quest Egypt! In each level you must complete a goal from earning a set amount of points to matching a set number of squares and even, in some levels, getting a required amount of coins or spinning a certain number of jokers. As you progress through the sand and pyramids, each new friend you meet gives you a new power. Some levels you travel to use Egyptian glyphs instead of numbers for a new twist. Each level also has a hidden scarab. Once you find the glyph in each level on the island, you unlock access to a new level. The devil has also changed from previous games. You now play mini-games in order to fight against losing points to him.

Tips and Tricks

Regardless of which one of the slingo games you’re playing, you can apply some basic strategies to complete the levels. Always look at the numbers on the reels before choosing where to use a super joker so you don’t match a number you have available on the reel. Also opt to make a match on a row with more numbers, such as a row with four numbers as opposed to a row with one or two. Try to avoid matching the middle number or image of the card until the end. If you have the rest of the numbers cleared on the card and then match the middle, you’ll get five slingos in not only one spin but one number match.Try not to use too many power ups at once since some run out after so many turns. Try each game at least once to determine which one is the best to occupy your time with.


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