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Free MMO Games: Call of Gods

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Call of Gods is a browser based RPG MMO style war game. Players build their city and can take numerous quests. Explore a vast game play area and level up your character.

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    Game Basics

    Call of Gods Image One Welcome to the Call of Gods review. Call of Gods is a vast MMO RPG game you can play directly in your web browser without any downloads.. Players can take dozens of different quests in the game for rewards and experience. Each area of the main map has several places where a player can visit to get quests and fight NPC enemies. Each player can build their own city complete with resource mines, barracks, and other structures. Each building in a player’s city has numerous levels to upgrade to improve the structure. The game features animated battles using a wide variety of units including powerful hero units the player can recruit. Units include knights, archers, swordsmen and other medieval style units. Use a marketplace to buy and sell resources in the game. Upgrade your heroes with new weapons and equipment and purchase new ones to lead your armies.

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    Call of Gods Screen Two A vital part of any good RPG game is quests. In this game, you’ll find plenty of quests to complete. When you first start the game a short tutorial gives you the basics of quests. Each area of the map has several locations that you can click on to take quests. At the bottom of the screen, you can click the quests screen and find out which quests you have yet to do. Quests involve battle some type of creature for experience and rewards. View your inventory to see the rewards earned after the quest is completed. Be sure to train additional troops and assign them to your heroes before going on quests.

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    Armies and Heroes

    When not out completing quests players will be busy building up their castle area of the map. At the castle, you have resource buildings and the ability to train and manage military units. Military units include archers, swordsmen, monks, sharpshooters, paladins, templars and a few others. Once you train these units, assign them to your heroes from the assign screen. Visit a tavern in a main city to recruit new heroes to lead your armies. Each hero can equip different weapons and armor pieces. Players who want to test their armies against other game players can battle it out in the arena. You won’t lose your units here and you can see where your army or heroes need improvement. This feature unlocks once you hit level twenty in the game. Use the handy tabs at the bottom of the screen to manage armies and heroes.

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    Call of Gods Screen Three The game features a nice soundtrack, which is good to see in a browser game. The game play world looks nice and each area is different in appearance. The best part of this game is the animated combat feature. Many browser games similar to Call of Gods use text-based warfare but in this game it’s all animated. Your ranged units stay at range and fire arrows while your melee units go in for the kill. You can’t physically control each unit but it’s a nice change of pace form straight text-based warfare. The combat features add a great deal of replay value to the game.

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    Call of Gods Screen Four This game features a well-designed interface with main tabs at the bottom of the screen to access the different areas of the game. The game map is well done and when you are in any main area, you can click the exit button to leave and explore the game map again. Click the castle button at the top of your screen to work on your castle. Players can join alliance sin this game from the main alliance screen or create their own. The game will dissolve any alliance that doesn’t have ten members within one week so unless you are certain you’ll get those members it is better to join an established alliance and then build one yourself later on.

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    Overall Game Play

    Call of Gods is a good MMO RPG game. You’ll find plenty of quests to complete in the game and areas to explore. Be sure to join an alliance to get the most out of the game and read the forums for some great guides. The best part of the game is the animated combat, which is better than the standard text-based combat of other browser based MMO games. The interface of the game is nice with all the icons clearly marked at the bottom of your screen so you aren’t hunting for information. If you want a great MMO game to play that goes a step beyond a game like Evony give this one a try.

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    All images from Call of Gods.

    Source: Article is author's own experiences playing Call of Gods.